[Spotted!] The Snuggie 2

I recently attended a festival celebration known as The Covered Bridge Festival. Even if you’ve never been to this celebration in particular, you know how these festivals work. Vendors set up shop and deal not only honest home made crafts, but they also peddle various pirated, stolen, or bootlegged goods to unsuspecting attendees.

I have a feeling that’s what is going on here. A shady-looking gentlemen is sitting behind a stand selling the Snuggie 2. I didn’t get any closer than I needed for a decent picture, as I was afraid the guy would talk me into buying six or seven of these, but I’m pretty sure it is the exact same thing as everyone’s favorite backwards bath robe, maybe with a few alterations made. Sorry about the quality, I didn’t take my camera so I had to use my BlackBerry.

The highly anticipated sequal to the blanket that makes you look retarded!

The highly anticipated sequel to the blanket that makes you look retarded!

Click the image to view a larger version and you can see everything much more clearly.

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6 thoughts on “[Spotted!] The Snuggie 2

  1. I was truly laughing a loud when I saw this. How does this qualify as a sequel? Hilarious!


    I love how seriously criminal that guy looks. And why is he selling so many bouncy balls as well?

    Bootleggers are the best.

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  4. it has velcro straps or someting. saw the exact same one at the circleville pumpkin show in ohio. i took pictures too…

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