[Drink Review] McDonald’s Iced Mocha


I remember as a child I would always ask myself the same question every day. Why the hell do my parents like coffee so much? It was bitter, hot, and brown.

I was sure at the time that I hated it. It was a legitimate decision. I was young, naive, and had never experienced the amazing taste of an iced mocha.

Today I take a look at the new Iced Mocha, offered in the recently created McDonald’s “McCafe”.


Most people, myself included, need a little extra boost sometimes. Whether it’s a refreshing soda, energy drink, or coffee, the song remains the same. People need pick-me-ups. That’s exactly what I would consider the Iced Mocha from McDonald’s. It’s competitively priced, unbelievably tasty, and gives me a nice little boost when I need it.

The Iced Mocha is much like your standard mocha. That is, it has a chocolate flavor to it, and is covered with whipped cream and topped with even more chocolate syrup. There is also ice in the drink, obviously enough. All of the ingredients balance quite well, as is the usual for Mcdonald’s, who put their new products through rigorous taste testing before releasing them. Although It is possible that the average coffee drinker might find this treat just a little too sweet, most people will enjoy the less bitter quality of it.

The only problem I have personally experienced with the drink is that the quality can vary depending on one high unpredictable factor. If the employee who makes it for you knows that they’re doing, it is delicious. If the person who makes it for you is a little slow, or just new, then you can expect less than satisfactory results. This is a major problem in my home town, where the average IQ is lower than that of the cast of “The Hills.” It isn’t uncommon for them to forget the extra syrup, or skimp on the whipped cream, but when I get a cup of water with chocolate syrup in it someone is going to pay the price.

Final Words:

The Iced Mocha is a true pleasure to drink from the start. With just the right amount of sweet chocolate flavor, and the somewhat bitter taste of coffee, McDonald’s has succeeded in making an enjoyable, and somewhat addictive drink for people who just need something sweet to wake them up in the morning. The fact that the item is priced at $2.79 (plus tax) makes it a cheaper alternative to Starbucks brand coffee. The only problem it has is that you are totally at the mercy of the person making it. You will either be a very, very happy person, or you will have your hopes crushed into a million pieces. And that, unfortunately, happens way too much.


  • Caffeine in the morning
  • Sweet and delicious if made right
  • Competitively priced


  • People who work at McDonald’s often have less IQ points than they do teeth
  • McCafe killed the Playland

Score: 7.5/10 (Good)

2 thoughts on “[Drink Review] McDonald’s Iced Mocha

  1. When you get one that’s not how it’s supposed to be, return it and let them make you another one.

  2. @ Lane

    I don’t think he wants one full of boogers and chest hair.

    Anyway, these are surprisingly good for coming from a fast food restaurant, but there are so many much tastier alternatives out there, even if it means shelling out a little extra coin.

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