[New Writer] Brandon Majors (No Relation to Andrew)

Alright Everyview, new writer on deck. My name is Brandon Majors (no relation to Andrew) and I am in no way related to Andrew. To the best of my knowledge anyway. I work at a cafeteria called MCL, which is pretty much the mecca of Terre Haute dining, albeit overpriced and offering basically the same foods displayed in different orders. I’m a freshman at Ivy Tech Community College for right now, but I’m hoping to be at IU next year. So there we have the two major time consumers in my life.

I think next on my introduction list should be “about me.” I’m a Scorpio, I love Punk music, long walks on the beach, and a girl who can cook a nice dinner… but seriously, I’m pretty simple. Punk and Ska music are my genre’s of choice, but I have a broad range when it comes to music. I skate when  I have the time, and I’m a big fan of Kustom Kulture (50’s and earlier cars, rockabilly music, pin-up’s and what have you). I like old cars, a lot. My current project is a ’68 mustang, but due to being poor and in college I have little time to work on it or do much of anything with it. I play a lot of them there vidya games, mostly Xbox 360, but I spend some quality time on the Wii when I have the chance.

That about sum’s things up for me, just a run of the mill Hautian who spends way to much time on the internet or on the trusty Xbox 360. Working with Everyview will hopefully give me a new hobby to pour massive amounts of time into, and most likely money, but I wont be writing any checks out just yet. (Sorry Zac!)

5 thoughts on “[New Writer] Brandon Majors (No Relation to Andrew)

  1. So… are you related to Andrew Majors?

    Good to see new writers coming to the site. Hopefully this means a more broad range of products being reviewed. I’ve noticed the lack of 360 reviews so hopefully you can do something about that.

    I’ll be reading your stuff!

  2. I don’t know if I should be offended that you pointed out twice in your second sentence that we are not related!

    Only kidding! Welcome!

  3. My baby’s all grown up now wit his big-timey intewebs job.

  4. @ andrew. Do you know Matt Shelbey? I work with him, and he asked me if we were related, the only reason i knew who you were was from this site! hah.

    @ Seth. I know! Soon I’ll be putting you in a home for old people and stealing your social security checks.

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