[Concert Review] Kings of Leon: Live at Verizon Wireless in Noblesville, IN

You might be asking yourself, “A Kings of Leon concert? Really?”

Yes, really. I’m a big fan of their’s, and just because they happen to have a song on pop music stations now doesn’t really bother me. I don’t see them as a band who sold out (yet). Sure, they could eventually hit Nickelback or Kid Rock status at some point, but I doubt that ever happens. They have a distinctive sound, and I dig it.

Anyhoo, I headed up to Noblesville, Indiana to catch the show with my girlfriend and a couple friends. First of all, it had been a few years since I’d been up there for a show (2005, I believe), and I was very excited to see the area around the amphitheater has undergone a massive face lift in those years and that traffic was not suicide inducing (at least, not on the way in. More on that later).

The time before a show is always interesting, especially at a place like this that invokes the tailgating mentality. Even before people have parked, their trunks are popped and everyone is making their friends at the Budweiser, Miller, and Coors Brewing Companies filthy rich. Not I though, as I was driving, which forced to stay classy and consume all of ONE beer. Before a show, people are just having fun interacting with the people around them, the beer flowing, and a very distinct herbal aroma is permeating the country air.

As we made our way onto the lawn and spotted out a good area to stand in the mud, the opening act, The Whigs, took the stage. They played for much longer than I expected at around 45-50 minutes, but they weren’t terrible. Billed from Athens, Georgia, they entertained us as most of the crowd made their way to the nearest Brewhouse or Piss Factory. After they left the stage, I was a bit perplexed as it looked like the Kings of Leon drumset was wheeled onto the stage. The show was originally billed as having the band Glasvegas opening up, and I just assumed this was a three-band show after The Whigs. I specifically skipped seeing at Lollapalooza because I knew I would see them here. But it was not to be. (It was later announced by Kings of Leon themselves that the band was battling illness. But still, that sucks. Finally, an opening act I’d heard of.)

As the stage was being prepared for the Kings, the crowd began to turn. Not necessarily in a terrible way, just into a drunken stupor. Normally I’m right smack dab in on this, but watching it through sober eyes is quite annoying. These people are just stumbling around, complete disregard for any and every one else at the show. Thankfully, I hang out with functional drinkers, so  I had a nice little buffer zone. There was a constant mist falling from the sky during the night, but it wasn’t an uncomfortable mist. It was actually semi-refreshing. Plus, it led to some people falling, which is always solid gold.

Kings of Leon took the stage, and as expected, the crowd went wild. And this was no ordinary crowd, this might have been the biggest crowd I have ever seen in a handful of shows at this venue. I’m talking absolutely packed to the rafters. I attribute this to two things: 1) The band not sucking. 2) The tickets were priced reasonably. The second reason is key. People are willing to make an event if the tickets aren’t outrageously priced. I wish more bands/venues would realize this. The reason shows don’t sell out isn’t the recession or lack of interest in the band. It’s because you’re asking $75 to see one band. People who want to go to the show don’t want to invest that much just to get inside the door unless they are diehard fans.

As they began, they played with great consistency, and their setlist (which I unfortunately couldn’t write down or find online as of press time) had a very discernible flow which I thought really captured and capitalized on a great mood. They would play a handful of their more upbeat bluesy-rock and then pepper in the slower, more ballad-y songs. I was very impressed with the setlist. They paced the show very well, and didn’t blow their wad within the first five songs.

They also sounded absolutely fantastic. There was never a song or a moment where I felt the acoustics were too overwhelming. They had great balance. The set was colorful and fun, and I loved that each song had a different color scheme, it really added to the individuality of each song. I was also really pleased to see that you could tell they were grateful to be playing to such a huge crowd, a crowd willing to brave the weather just to see them play some music. I don’t think their days of being a struggling band looking for a break were lost on them. They did mention that this was the biggest crowd they had ever played, and although a bit skeptical, I could see it potentially being true. I think what they meant was that this was their biggest solo show they had ever played, and I actually hope it’s true. I like the feeling that the show I attended actually kind of mattered on a grand scale.

However, I would like to direct this next section to anyone who ever attends a show at Verizon in the future. After the show, be prepared for the most unbearable, horribly directed mass exodus you could possibly imagine. Some people assholes who leave before the show is over, only to clog up traffic worse than if they’d stayed. The venue really should figure out someway to expedite this. They make you park in a specific spot, and then they offer no help as to getting everyone on their way after the show.

Final Words:

The show was a nice experience, and Kings of Leon were actually very impressive. Their setlist was balanced and fun, they sounded great, and the production of the show was top notch. If you aren’t a fan of  the band, totally understandable, but I would recommend checking out their live show. I went with a couple friends who aren’t big fans, and they were both very impressed with the show and, to be honest, probably very impressed with the volume of females in rainboots.

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Score: 8.5/10 (Great)

11 thoughts on “[Concert Review] Kings of Leon: Live at Verizon Wireless in Noblesville, IN

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  2. I was one out of the lucky two who were picked by kings of leon themselves to be rewarded with a setlist and it went as follows:

    Be Somebody
    King Of The Rodeo
    Taper Jean Girl
    Molly’s Chamber
    I Want You
    Four Kicks
    The Bucket
    Sex On Fire
    On Call
    Cold Desert
    Knocked Up
    Black Thumbnail

  3. Spot on, especially the quality of their sound…and the parking.

    I’ve never seen a band so dedicated to sounding so dead-on. Perfect.

    You touched on it a bit, but the liqour and concession prices are insane.

    That setlist is correct in it’s songs, but there’s no way the order is correct. For instance, Use Somebody was in the encore..

  4. i also saw kings of leon in concert this september 11th in mansfield mass. i must say the ordeal to even get into the arena was unbelievable!!! i thought i had made a big mistake as i hate big arenas.. like a more intimate settings and it usually sounds much better too. well, to my surprise i knew i absolutely love these guys for a reason…. they sound incredible live!!! so glad i went!!

  5. The main thing about kings of leon’s live concert is the fact that they sound just as good as, if not better, than their recorded music is. perfect.

  6. I was there for the show as well. Was in the second level under the mezanine. Stayed somewhat dry. NO ONE sat down the whole show. I don’t frequent live shows often…hearing KOL, makes me think I have been missing out on something. They “Brought It” the whole show. Wish we could have heard Caleb better when he was talking to the crowd.

    As far as the venue, concessions and parking. We just attended U2’s show in Chicago with 85,000 people. Thought pricing at Verizon was on par with region, facilities were well maintained considering the weather and entering/exiting was what we expected with 20,000 people in attendance.
    Indiana has nice/courteous drunks compared to Chicago!
    All in all a fantastic expereience.

  7. …I was at this show as well. I was maybe 50feet away from the stage and it was incredible.
    The crowd around me was drunk off of their ass! They were making beer runs every 10 minutes…and at 9dollars a beer, that’s a bit crazy.
    But the kings were amazing. We left right after the entire show was over and it took maybe 5 minutes to get out of the traffic. It wasn’t that bad at all, nor was it getting in. I had booked my hotel room a couple months in advance, and glad. The lady at the counter said that all of the hotels in the area were sold out.. And once we returned to the hotel, fans werr in the halls and greeted us as we walked to our room. They were so pumped about the show…and I still am!

  8. Verizon is a horrible place to get out of, I’ve been to probably 9 or 10 shows there and never had an event in which I was able to get out of there in decent time. I finally started having to take the next day off work when knowing I’d be seeing a show there, as I expected to get home no earlier than 2 or 3 in the morning…Ozzfest was a especially bad mess.

  9. My wife and I attended this event, in honor of her b-day. We had VIP seats and a parking pass! We are both new to the KOL scene but, after this show its all I can listen to! The thoughts shared about Verizon are very true, traffic in and traffic out SUCK! The parking pass is the only way to go! I got mine from a friend along with the tickets but, its worth looking for and worth every penny! Gated parking w/ separate entrance and exit, directly behind the stage!!!

  10. My husband and I attended as a birthday present to him (good call, kv hehateme). Anyway, we hadn’t been to this venue since 2001 for the Tool concert. We got much better tickets this time-eight rows back, center/aisle. This review is spot on. While I wouldn’t change a thing about the show or venue specifically, they definitely could do some work on their exit plans. Absolute chaos with a bunch of drunkards! Fun at times, but too long!

  11. this concert was over a month ago & i’m still amazed and want to see them again, soon. I also saw them at lolla & they were of course awesome. It was worth being squished for over an hour to see them.
    my friend & i were at the front & it was truly amazing, i miss them so much. The only thing that I was bothered by was the “use somebody” fans and making fun of us for being crazy and singing all the words. as if. Anyway i go to the noblesville venue all the time and i never bother with concessions and vip parking is a must sometimes, depending how early you get there.

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