[Tech Review] Gunnar Optiks Glasses: Attaché Phenom

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written a review here. I’ve been meaning to post this for a few weeks now, just been busy and stressed. But now I’m coming back, and I’m gonna kick things off with the Gunnar Optiks glasses (Attaché Phenom style).  These yellow-tinted glasses are specifically designed for sitting in front of a computer screen. They claim to reduce eye strain and fatigue. They’re also supposed to give you sharper vision.  Do these glasses do anything they claim to? Read on to find out.

I originally bought these because during the summer, I spent probably 90% of my day in front of my computer screen. Due to that, I ended up getting twitches in my eye. Instead of screwing around with optometrists, I decided I’d scour the internet for a geekier way to fix my eye. That led me to the Gunnar glasses. I should note before I go on though, I don’t normally wear glasses and these aren’t prescription lenses.

Whenever I ordered these, I figured they would arrive bouncing around inside of a box. That was far from what I found. After opening the initial brown box, I was surprised to find another black box inside of this one. I was as giddy as a little kid on x-mas morning. I opened up this box to find yet another freaking box. At this point I was kind of annoyed by all the boxes, but after opening this third box I was pleasantly surprised, this was actually a protective case for the glasses. Inside this box came a silky cloth/bag thing for cleaning them. Underneath the cloth were my glasses in a fitted slot. The box itself, however, is actually really nice and sleek. It’s, of course, a hard shell, but I’m not sure what it’s made of. Doesn’t really seem quite like plastic. Whatever it’s made out of it, it’s a nice looking case.

Picking up the glasses, I was kind of surprised, they were really light compared to what I was expecting. I’m unsure of the exact weight, but compared to my sunglasses and my dad’s prescription glasses, the Gunnars seems to be a bit lighter. Of course the lightness of the glasses is going to add to the comfort, and these glasses are very comfortable. I went out to a “party” one night after spending all day doing computer stuff, and ended up forgetting to take them off before I left simply because it’s hard to tell that you’re even wearing glasses. Now, to someone who has never worn glasses/sunglasses, they’ll probably notice them a lot more than I do, but I tend to wear my sunglasses anywhere I go.

By now I’m sure you guys are wondering why the glasses have a yellow tint to the lenses. Well, why they’re yellow I’m unsure. I tried to find the information on the website but was unsuccessful. But the lenses and everything about them, as I said earlier, reduce eye strain and fatigue, and they do so very well. They also reduce glare from what you’re looking at, which is especially helpful with glossy screens. The lenses have also got several different coatings on them to help with different things. They have an oleophobic coating on them to help against fingerprints and smudges. They have an anti-scratch coating on them, which works really well. I’ve dropped them several times, and not a single scratch on them yet.

They also have another coating on them that keep them from fogging up. With my sunglasses I can breath on them and they fog up pretty good and they stay fogged for a while unless I wipe them. With the Gunnar glasses, it’s almost instantly gone. Enough with the coatings though. Even the frames have been designed specifically to help with the ultimate goal of these glasses.

That being said, the frames on these are, in my opinion, very stylish and sleek. Gunnar makes several different frame styles and colors so just about everyone will find a style they like. The folding part of the frames come spring loaded so they can bend out a bit for those of us with larger-than-normal heads.

As for price of the glasses, it varies from one style to another. Mine were $99. The prices range from about $59 to $189, again, depending on the style you pick.

Final Words:

I don’t expect everyone to rush out and pick up a pair of these glasses. Especially considering the price of them, only people who are in front of a television or computer screen should bother picking these up. Even then, if you don’t already suffer from eye strain/fatigue, you probably don’t need to worry about these. A couple other notes though before I finish. The ones I reviewed do come with amber-tinted lenses. With certain styles you can pick up clear lenses and dark lenses for outside use. Judging from their website, you can also get these glasses with your normal prescription also.

Buy Gunnar Optiks: Attache Phenom Glasses


  • Stylish
  • Work as intended
  • Comfortable


  • Sort of expensive
  • Amber tint looks a bit silly

Final Score: 7/10

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