[Giveaway] Spot On Energy Patches

spoton12pkHey guys, we’ve got a new new contest thanks to the folks over at Spot On Energy! Five lucky winners are going to get 12 packs of Spot On Energy Patches, a $33 value, sent straight to their doors for free! And of course you’ve got to have some sweet swag to match your patch, so winners will also get a Spot On t-shirt!

Winning is easy, anyone can enter, and all it takes is a simple comment detailing why you want to try Spot On Energy Patches.

Check out the complete list of rules after the jump.


  • One entry per reader
  • Entries must be submitted by Monday, September 21st, 2009
  • Entries submitted any later than due date will not be accepted
  • Entrants must have a valid email address
  • Relatives of Everyview Staff are not valid for entry (sorry, Mom)


  • When entering your comment, be sure you provide your valid email address
  • If you win, you can specify your T-shirt size
  • Shirts also come in men’s and women’s designs
  • Each pack comes with 4 patches, so that’s 48 patches in all!!!

There you have it, guys. You’ve got about a week, good luck to all of you!

17 thoughts on “[Giveaway] Spot On Energy Patches

  1. Well, I want to try Spot On Energy patches because It would be sweet! A new way to get energy, rather than a drink, or powder, or some other god awful way would be an adventure, I’d be paving the way for Energy patches everywhere with one small patch for man, and one giant rush for energy patch kind. Also Im up at 4 in the morning on everyview, when I probably should be doing homework, or something.

  2. Interesting. I wonder if energy patches will work or not. I think I should be entered because Caffeine is next to water, on my list. I eat Stackers like candy, and shoot stok like it were alcohol. Pick me 😉

  3. I am entering this for my husband. He is the one who needs all the energy to get through a ten hour day at work and an hour drive back and forth to work.

  4. I wanna try it because they don’t allow teachers to have fridges at school anymore and i have a moderate caffeine addiction. warm energy drinks are not good enough for me.

  5. i want to win cuz i want a free beast shirt to wear around and some caffine to help me be awake in school lol

  6. I want to try Spot On Energy because i am always working and im always buy energy drinks. i would like to try something new. and i would spread the word that Spot on Energy is the stuff to drink!

  7. I love energy drinks and I would like to try this new way of getting energy. I check his website everyday to see if you guys review new stuff. I’m looking forward to your new reviews!

  8. Pick me!!! I’m a trainer looking to get off the ‘crack’ (aka Red Bull) and could sell them at my gym. Thanks.

  9. I think i should get to try spot on because i’m a college student working part time and driving 5 hours away every weekend to see family and girlfriend… those car trips after a friday of classes can be pretty tiring, and what better publicity for spot on than on a shirt on a guy in college?

  10. I wanted to try these for a while now. I am a skateboarder so I constantly need energy. I usually try and use the drink method, but I want to try something new. This is my chance. If you let me try them, out I can send you guys a review and tell you how they work while skating. Check out my myspace to confirm that I am skateboarder, myspace.com/vlwisconsin.

    Please think about it, I’m down if youre down.

  11. 17 credit hours at ISU , 20 hours at work, 7 hours reading everyview blog, 21 hours playing online games, 28 hours studying, and 14 hours reinforcing my zombie barrier is not an easy load, plus you never know when the next zombie attack will be so having all that extra energy will be a plus, especialy not having to sleep since sleep is for cats my pet hamster that hasnt moved for 3 weeks and premature zombies.

  12. I think that i get to try spot on energy patches because
    i wake up at 5:45 in the morning to start classes and get out at 2:25. then i drive home quickly change then go to work at subway at 3:00 until 7:00. i think that these patches could help me alot because i’m not allowed to bring energy drinks to work since i;m working with food and my boss doesn’t allow us to eat/drink anything except when we’re on break. these would be a godsend

  13. sorry i meant to write should get to try at the beginning. probably cause i’m so tired lol

  14. Yeah, I would be interested too. As a fitness instructor, I wouldn´t mind having a little extra “doping” – you know, apart from all those other funny colourful pills..? :O)

  15. I drink those energy drinks equivalent to the doses they give laboratory rats. Quite honestly they don’t keep up with my busy lifestyle. The crash on the way down is no bargain either.
    As a busy professional photographer shooting the most beautiful people I can’t afford to be jittery or shakey ; so I hope these energy patches will suit all my needs. I also feel it is an amazing concept and should definitely be tried by all.
    Can’t wait to feel the Energy Patch!

  16. I think this is all a bunch of BS. Ive tried them all… and Im settled on XS energy. Honest to God, if there is something out there… that comes close. Well God would have to send his son to prove it!

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