[Candy Review] Black Jack Chewing Gum


Chewing gum is great for many things. It’s perfect for stepping in, it can be used as a decoration for the overly plain bottoms of desks and tables, it can provide the motivation for a much-needed haircut, and it does a great job of hiding an alcoholic’s liquor breath.


Black Jack chewing gum performs adequately in all of the aforementioned areas except for one. It’s great for ruining your shoes or haircut, and is awesome for defacing school property, but for those of you reading this post with one eye closed to avoid seeing doubles, this gum will do absolutely nothing for your booze ridden breath simply because it tastes and smells exactly like Jagermeister.

The official flavor it was trying to achieve is obviously black liquorish, which is the worst kind of liquorish. I admit, Black Jack does very accurately resemble the flavor of black liquorish, but why would you want anything to taste like devil rope? If you’re a fan of black liquorish, then you’ll feel right at home chewing this gum.

Black Jack is a fairly cheap gum, coming in a package of five sticks for a price ranging anywhere from 45 to 70 cents, but never much higher. It is part of a small family of retro gums including Clove and Beeman’s that all run for the same price. Speaking of being retro, it is also true that Black Jack may carry some sort of nostalgic appeal.

Final Words:

The texture holds up great in your mouth and doesn’t fall apart or deteriorate too quickly, and the flavor, sadly enough, lasts a good long while. If it weren’t for the fact that it tastes like black liquorish, Black Jack would be a fairly solid chewing gum. Unfortunately, however, it does taste like black liquorish. Like I already said, if you like black liquorish, give this gum a shot. If you’re a normal person with decent taste, however, stay far away from Black Jack, as it will not appeal to you.


  • Doesn’t fall apart while chewing
  • Flavor lasts a decent amount of time


  • Alcoholism
  • Black Liquorish

Score: 6.0/10

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  1. I think I remember my dad chewing this, or something like this. We had an entire cabinet full of the stuff and no one was allowed to chew it but him, so I never got to try it to see what it tasted like, but I’m pretty sure this was the same stuff.

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