[Energy Drink Review] All City NRG

All CityStraight from the Can:

Going ‘All City” means going all out. All City is a term used to describe New York street artists who have made their mark in all five boroughs. Originating in Brooklyn, AriZona pays tribut to the passion & creativity of these artists with a bold, new, energy-infused beverage for the ‘City that never sleeps.’ Keep moving. All day. All night. All City.

This authentic Limited Edition can has been designed by acclaimed artists, Vincent “Fact One” Ficarra of Mpire, as part of a “Subway Series.” Collect them all.

Is All City the real deal, or is it just a toy? It’s review time!


After opening my first can of All City my nose was met with a mostly natural, slightly earthy green tea scent with a very subtle fruit undertone. The dirty aroma isn’t very appetizing and the fruitiness isn’t near prominent enough to make up for the offsetting aroma. Even the smell of the actual tea is hard to distinguish. Luckily the aroma isn’t powerful enough to ruin the drinking experience before it starts, but it isn’t one of this drink’s most flattering aspects.

Matching the earth aroma is an equally dirty flavor. Thankfully the taste of mixed fruit is enough to offset the earthiness for the most part, but it is still present and detectable. All City loses another point for the bitter, powerful aftertaste. The fruity flavoring is admittedly great, but is too short lived to save the experience from being anything other than mediocre.

I wasn’t really surprised with the lackluster aroma or the offsetting flavor, but I was thoroughly shocked with the quality of the kick. Tea-based energy drinks usually kick about as hard as my morbidly obese paralyzed aunt, but All City NRG delivers and absolutely fantastic boost. Shortly after drinking you’ll feel uplifted and your mood will be thoroughly enhanced.

All City NRG is available in three separate beautifully designed graffiti-themed 16 oz 2-serving cans for the industry standard price of $1.99 per can. While the unimpressive aroma and nasty flavor make it hard to recommend dropping two bucks on this drink, the fantastic kick and the gorgeous cans more than make up for it.

Final Words:

All City may taste and smell as horrible as the majority of other tea-based energy drinks, but this beverage throws in a fantastic kick that performs far better than most traditional energy drinks. If you are a collector, the three different stunningly designed cans provide even more incentive to hunt this drink down. I recommend this drink to collectors or people looking for a fantastic boost, but anyone wanting a tasty and refreshing drink will have to look elsewhere.


  • Amazing kick
  • Three collectible cans are gorgeous
  • Properly-placed street art


  • Dirty aroma
  • Gross flavor
  • Bitter aftertaste
  • Vandalism

Score: 7.6/10 (Good)

Aroma: 6.75/10
Taste: 6.25/10
Kick: 9.25/10
Value: 8.0/10

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  1. I’ve been a collector of AriZona stuff for a while and have never, EVER seen these drinks. Where’d you find them?

  2. I actually got them at Big Lots, so rummaging through all of their merchandise might prove worthwhile for you.

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