[Energy Drink Review] eFusjon Edge

eFusjonEdgeStraight from the Can:

The all natural, antioxidant, acai berry energy drink with caffeine is finally here. It offers remarkable taste, packs temendous energy, and delivers health and vitality! Whether you’re 18 or 80. Efusjon’s “EDGE”, is a delicious energy drink that gives your body exactly what it needs to thrive throughout the day! We have brought together the energy packed acai berry, many other nutrients, and caffeine to give you just the healthy boost you are looking for.

So start your day with the delicious, nutritious energy your body and taste buds will crave! Cheers!


After opening my can of eFusjon, I was very surprised to find that it possessed very little noticeable scent at all. There is an extremely light, very subtle berry aroma, and if you try hard enough you can sense some mineral odor. But for anyone who isn’t going to stick their nose in the opening on the can and inhale as deeply as their lungs will allow, you’re not going to notice any aroma at all. Definitely a good thing when compared to drinks like Verve.

After discovering the nearly non-existent aroma of Edge, I wasn’t expecting very much in terms of taste either. Again, eFusjon took me by surprise with a powerful and satisfying Acai Berry flavor sitting on top of a pleasant, lightly carbonated texture. The drink is very refreshing as well, a trait that not even MonaVie EMV has. The only con I can conjure when assessing the flavor of Edge is that there is a slight, short lived aftertaste.

In past healthy energy products I’ve reviewed, I’ve found that there isn’t really much of a kick but instead an uplifting boost. The same holds true with eFusjon, as you’re not going to drink it and feel a jolt of energy, but you’ll walk away feeling focused and with an enhanced mood. But while eFusjon performs admirably in taste, it is much more average when it comes to the boost it serves up.

eFusjon’s value is a hard thing to assess. It is usually sold through associates who have to pay $30 for a pack of 12, so if you buy it from them you have to pay whatever amount they want to charge to make as much profit as they can. On average, you’ll probably find yourself spending over $2.50. I’ve seen people trying to pawn this drink at $4.00 before, which is absolutely absurd. Due to this reason and this reason alone, I am going to skip on assessing the drink’s value, but I will tell you not to spend over $2.80 on it.

Final Words:

eFusjon Edge is a tasty and refreshing beverage that somehow manages to hide the offsetting aroma usually associated with this type of drink. The berry flavor is fantastic and surprisingly appealing, but there is a slight aftertaste that may bother some. Thanks to the drink’s admittedly brilliant marketing strategy, however, it is hard to find this drink for a fair price. I recommend trying it at least once if you can find it under $2.80, but don’t spend a penny more.


  • Hides the mineral odor that plagues similar products
  • Delicious and refreshing berry taste
  • Healthy alternative to average energy drinks
  • Uplifting boost


  • No aroma to speak of
  • Slight medicinal aftertaste
  • The boost is weaker than its competition
  • Good luck finding this for a fair price

Score: 7.6/10 (Good)

Aroma: 7.0/10
Taste: 8.5/10
Kick: 7.5/10

3 thoughts on “[Energy Drink Review] eFusjon Edge

  1. do you find that energy drinks generally do make you feel more energetic? I find that I get an initial jolt then feel super sluggish afterward… still looking for one with some staying power, ya know? does this one stick with ya for longer than 15 minutes? just wondering…

  2. to answer your question “truth about Abs” I have had customers that have had a buzz for at least four hours of energy. On on the other side since I have been a highly caffeinated person I get a good two hours out of a can in the morning. I don’t “crash after I just “wake up” and something in my brain says hey your energy level is low time to suck another of those babies down! I hope this has helped.

  3. I too was very impressed with the taste of Efusjon edge. The Breeze is also a very good drink. You should consider doing a review on that product.

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