[Food News] Baconlube: A Bacon-Flavored Personal Lubricant

baconlubeThis is not a joke.

The people over at J&D’s have a firm-standing belief that everything should taste like bacon. Everything. They’ve already made porky products such as Bacon Salt (our review), a bacon-flavored mayonnaise called Baconnaise, and a Bacon Lip Balm that shimmers with all of the vibrancy of artery-clogging pig grease.

But that isn’t enough, not by a long shot. Now J&D’s is taking bacon into the bedroom with this super slippery personal lubricant, giving a whole new meaning to the word “porking.”

It’s not yet for sale, but bacon enthusiasts looking to get their bacon strip extra crispy can head on over to the J&D website and sign up for beta testing.

15 thoughts on “[Food News] Baconlube: A Bacon-Flavored Personal Lubricant

  1. I can’t wait for Andrews review of this. It might come in handy with the Vigor-EX. Talk about your breakfast in bed!

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  3. I would love to review this. Unfortunately, I don’t have an insane enough love for bacon to warrant buying the stuff, and there is NO CHANCE I could convince my better half to let me slather her in this bacon flavored concoction. And she doesn’t even eat bacon, so that’s out. Plus I don’t want my apartment smelling like Denny’s after sex.

    Now, PEANUT BUTTER flavored lube I could get on board with.

  4. As much as I would love rolling naked in a slippery substance that tastes like nature’s candy, there is one major issue.

    My girlfriend is a vegetarian.

    So it looks like Clay’s going to have to take this one.

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  6. Bacon Lube, what is that, some kind of Bacon Flavored Lubricant or something?

  7. Also, I don’t write reviews anymore, so as much as oiling myself up in this clearly erotic material gets my mojo flowing, I’m not the right man for the job.

  8. Upon further consideration, I’m totally down to review this for the masses that demand it. It is my civic duty.

  9. Wait a minute… I just wondered how the taste of bacon is gonna mix with the taste of fish…

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  11. Ho! Ho! Ho! This won’t due for vegetarians. I am sticking with It’s Nirvana VIM. But Emeril says that “pork fat rules!”

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