[Video Game News] Guild Wars 2 Trailer

Despite the fact that I never really got into the first Guild Wars, this trailer has me genuinely excited for the MMO sequel. It shows off the new locations, some pretty impressive graphics, in-game footage, and five races including Humans, Norns, Asuras, Charrs, and Silvarians joining forces to fight a malicious dragon foe named Zhaitian.

I can’t say Guild Wars 2 is going to be a day one purchase or anything, but it definitely earned a spot on my radar.

The official Guild Wars 2 site
Source: Massively.com

2 thoughts on “[Video Game News] Guild Wars 2 Trailer

  1. It looks good. I played the first one for quite some time but never got much into it or the expansions. Warhammer online was fun, but all based on PvP which got old too fast for me. Another one that’s coming out sooner than this one is Champions Online. I played the closed beta at Gen Con, it was pretty amazing, nothing like City of Heroes/Villains. Of all the MMO’s out there though, I still fall back to World of Warcraft. It’s so well rounded in all aspects which has lasted for 5 years and shows no sign in slowing down.

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