[Energy Drink Review] Stacker 2 YJ Stinger: Enraged Raspberry


stacker2yjstingerenragedraspberryThis has been sitting in my fridge for about three weeks now, and I’m still pretty reluctant to try it. I bought this at the same time as Sinful Citrus, and have been terrified to open the can ever since. But I’ve now got about 20 energy drinks sitting on my floor just waiting to be reviewed, so I figured I would go ahead and get this one out of the way.


I honestly sat with the purple, yellow, red and blue can in my hands for around two minutes deciding whether or not I really wanted to drink this. I mean if Sinful Citrus, the most popular drink in the condemned YJ Stinger line, only scored a 4.5/10 overall, I was trembling thinking about how bad this one would be.

Once my fears finally subsided and I opened the small can, however, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a sweet berry aroma with only a slight mineral undertone — the exact opposite of Sinful Citrus’s dirty odor. It’s not overly sweet, and is actually more than just a little appetizing. The dirt-like aroma from the minerals is still a bit of a turn off, though it doesn’t really destroy the experience as I had expected.

But I’ve had deceiving drinks before, and I’m happy to report that Enraged Raspberry isn’t one of those. It carries a light, sweet berry flavor that perfectly matches its aroma, and the lightly carbonated texture goes down smoothly. There is a slight bitterness and a subtle mineral flavor, but nothing as terrible as I was prepared for. The biggest drawback to this drink is the medicinal aftertaste, which is fairly noticeable and detracts a small amount from the overall quality of the drink.

Unfortunately, Enraged Raspberry suffers from the same minuscule kick as Sinful Citrus and all other YJ Stinger drinks. You’ll get a slight buzz and will feel a little uplifted, but the lackluster formula powering this drink won’t do much for many energy vets. At least you won’t suffer while drinking this flavor.

YJ Stinger comes in a single serving 8.4 oz can for around $1.99 in stores. But you’re probably not going to find it in any stores or even online. If you do find it anywhere it will be at a surplus store such as Big Lots (which is where I got mine) for 60 cents, and that is something I recommend.

Final Words:

Enraged Raspberry is a surprisingly tasty beverage with refreshing berry aroma and a sweet flavor that really hits the spot. Of course it suffers from the same subtle kick and high retail price as the other products in the YJ Stinger line, but if you can find it at a surplus retailer for under a buck, I highly recommend picking up a can. Otherwise forget it, you aren’t missing anything too spectacular, and the weak kick and usually high price drag this product down pretty far.


  • Surprisingly good aroma and flavor
  • Can be found for 60 cents at surplus retailers


  • High SRP
  • Good luck finding a can
  • Thoroughly lackluster kick

Score: 6.4/10 (Mediocre)

Aroma: 7.75/10
Taste: 7.5/10
Kick: 5.5/10
Value: 5.0/10

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