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Die Hard Energy DrinkOverview:

Sports/Energy Drink hybrid products are certainly nothing new. The trend was started with Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator, which was actually the very first sports energy drink on the market. Since its release there have been more and more of these hybrids that are designed to deliver a decent kick while keeping your body hydrated for strenuous exercise, something that standard energy drinks can’t do.

Straight from the can:

Scientifically formulated to deliver effective hydration, responsible energy and natural flavors to ensure optimum performance before, during and after physical activity.

Responsible energy? Sounds boring.


Opening my first can of Die Hard my nostrils were met with a soft lemony aroma that, disappointingly, smells nothing like how I would imagine Bruce Willis’ delicious hormone-filled sweat to smell. Instead it is easily the most natural-smelling lemon energy drink I’ve ever had, and, while no where near as sexy as Bruce Willis, smells pretty tasty. It isn’t too bitter, and has enough of a bite to get your mouth watering.

That sweet lemonade aroma carries over to the flavor as well, albeit much weaker and far more diluted than I had hoped. Instead of tasting like lemonade, it’s more like lemon-flavored Propel. Despite being pretty watered down, it tastes pretty good. Much better than Amp Lightning to say the very least.

But here’s where that “responsible energy” part comes into play. Die Hard’s energy blend is roughly only 1/3 as potent as that of a standard energy drink, making this one of the weakest kicking drinks I’ve ever had. It’s a lot like drinking a Mountain Dew and Gatorade suicide, which I feel would hardly be of much assistance in boosting physical performance. I felt almost no buzz whatsoever, but I guess I also felt no crash.

As far as value goes, Die Hard comes in a 15.5 oz, 2 serving can with a $1.99 price tag. The weak kick makes Die Hard a little overpriced, but it isn’t insane or anything. I would expect to pay around $1.50, or if you can find it for 60 cents at a surplus retailer (which is where I got my can) then I suggest picking up a can.

Final Words:

Die Hard really shouldn’t call itself an energy drink at all. The kick is almost nonexistent thanks to the ridiculously weak energy blend. It does win a good mark for its tantalizing aroma, and it is one of the best-tasting lemon-flavored energy drinks I’ve ever had, but it falls flat on its face in the one area that makes an energy drink an energy drink. John McClane would be disappointed.

One last thing I want to say before closing is that Die Hard promises to donate 10 cents of every can sold to help Veterans injured in the service to their country, a valiant effort to say the least. For this reason alone I suggest picking up a can of Die Hard if you ever happen to run across one.


  • Smells great
  • One of the better tasting Lemon Energy drinks
  • Donation of 10 cents to American Veterans


  • Ridiculously weak kick
  • Slightly overpriced

Score: 5.8/10 (Mediocre)

Aroma: 8.0/10 (Great)
Taste: 7.0/10 (Good)
Kick: 2.25/10 (Sad)
Value: 6.0/10 (Below Average)

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  1. Haha, hey thanks for pointing that out! I blame the drink for that mistake, actually, since it didn’t have enough kick to wake me up and make me feel more focused and alert. I also blame Clay for missing that error when editing. Absolutely not my fault. 😉

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