[Contest] Butterfinger Buzz!

Butterfing BuzzHere it is, the contest I’ve been promising for the past three weeks! The prize for this contest is a rare caffeinated limited edition Butterfinger, dubbed the Butterfinger Buzz. This baby was set to end its romp through the candy world a few months ago, but I just so happen to have my hands on seven of these bad boys and I’m giving them away to whoever wants them.

If you’ve never heard of Butterfinger Buzz bars before, I suggest checking out our review. To go ahead and learn how to win, read on!

The rules are very simple, as promised in the past.

  • To be entered in a random drawing, simply leave a comment here about why you want to try a Butterfinger Buzz.
  • Make sure you use a real email address in the provided field if you are not a registered member. That is how I will contact you for more information if you win.
  • Registered members: make sure the email address in your account is valid. Again, this will be how you are contacted.
  • Comments must be left before 07/25/09. Any submissions after 07/25/09 will be discarded.
  • No repeat entries, please.

There you go guys, that’s all there is to it! You’ve got about one week. Go!

21 thoughts on “[Contest] Butterfinger Buzz!

  1. Because Im the shit and that candy bar is built for a man, and just perfect for a woman! So of course i deserve one!

  2. I want one because I’m fat! Muahahaha!

    But seriously, I just wanna see how different it is from the original.

  3. A Butterfinger itself is a 7/7, but one with caffeine!?!

    *head explodes*

    Sounds awesomely delicious.

  4. I want one because I want to get addicted to junk food and caffeine at the same time.

  5. I want one because who can deny the effect of HFCS, sugar, chocolate, peanut butter & caffeine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I want one because I am a valuable (and irreplaceable) contributer to this site. Although I’m sure I must be excluded from the fun…

  7. I want it so I can have even more energy for sexy time!

  8. I would love to have a buzz butterfinger so i can stay up and watch for these energy drink reviews from biglots that way I dont open another digusting can(stacker 2 stinger) though I still drank the whole can>


  10. Because I am the reigning champion of contests on Everyview!!!! Plus I need the caffeine to stay awake endless nights going over the 500 drafts that Bear Silber has waiting to be posted. Plus I go running before the sun comes out, even on weekends…I need to be BUZZZZZZZED!!

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  12. You should give me a candy bar because I need to consume everything humanly possible. And because I’m cool.

  13. I want butterfinger buzz coz i’m a chocolate addict. And i want to know how different it is to the other chocolates i’ve tried.

  14. I don’t want one actually. As the least popular Everyview contributor, the occasional “butt hurt moron” taunt is a strong enough material reward in and of itself to keep me plugging away.

  15. i love butterfingers..i went to church camp one year and tried a butterfinger and loved it..it’s been a tradition to have one every year i go..and now i want to try the buzz!…

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