[TV News] Fox Considering Recasting Futurama If and When it Returns

futuramaI’ve been hearing about a possible “Family Guy” style relaunching of “Futurama,” arguably the most criminally underrated television program of the past decade, pretty much everyday since the show went off the air in 2003. I was a bit skeptical to be excited about this, because while “Family Guy” has been successful since its return, it’s also, in my admitted minority opinion, become one of the most painfully unfunny shows on television. I’d hate to see “Futurama,” which was considerably funnier than “Family Guy” in the first place, go through such a substantial quality dip.

Well, according to Forces of Geek, Fox is seemingly making plans to ruin everything from the get-go by actually having the audacity to consider recasting all the original cast of characters. What an appalling idea! Do they actually think it doesn’t make a difference who does the voices? For Christ sake, Billy West (Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg etc.) is one of the best voice actors in the business and your just gonna replace him? Why even bother bringing the show back at all if you are just gonna distract us with fraudulent soundalikes?

To hear of this news on the same day as the death of the most distinguished voice in the history of television, is almost fitting, because it adds a whole new layer of perspective to just how important voice talent is. The Forces of Geek story also has a link where you can email the shows casting director and tell him what a booger blaster he is for contemplating this idea. Maybe if he were to hear such a stinging insult over and over again he would hault this abomination from occuring before it’s too late.

2 thoughts on “[TV News] Fox Considering Recasting Futurama If and When it Returns

  1. They were demanding 75,000 per episode. That is absolutely ridiculous. And Comedy Central is funding it, I hear, since the new series airs on their network and not on Fox, so it’s no surprise Fox doesn’t care about the quality.

  2. New voice actors is going to make the show fail. People are going to watch new episodes, and think, “What the FUCK is this?”

    Oh, and Family Guy has gotten back to being very, very good. There was a dip in quality upon it’s re-release, but its back to being funny again.

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