[Drink Review] Sunny D Smoothies: Orange Whirl

sunny d orange whirl smoothiesOverview:

I’m not gonna lie. I don’t like Sunny D. I do, however, love smoothies. Creamy, fruity, and delicious. And since these are Sunny D brand, they even hold the kick-ass power of the Sun. The freaking Sun! On top of that, Sunny D Smoothies contain 30% RDI (recommended daily intake) Calcium, and 25% Vitamin D and C.

But who cares about all that nonsense? I sure don’t. What does it taste like?


To be completely blunt, it isn’t all that great. When I first saw these sitting on the shelf at the grocery store that, for some reason or another, continues to employ my lazy ass, I was pretty excited to try them. And they were on sale for only one dollar! A smoothie for a buck? Sign me up.

But I never stopped to think that there was a reason they were only a dollar. The taste is strongly reminiscent of the original Sunny D with a weak vanilla cream added into the mix. Orange and vanilla is a combination I used to think could do no wrong, but just like those A&W Root Beer Floats I reviewed in Everyview’s infancy, these are disappointing to say the least.

The end product doesn’t taste like a smoothie at all. Instead it tastes like heavy creamer mixed with Sunny D. Though I admit the first couple sips taste like a delicious orange cream candy that your grandparents give you whenever you’re forced to visit them. After those first gulps, though, the aftertaste sets in and the entire beverage just starts to taste gross and your throat is coated with a thick, sugary lubricant.

Not to mention that it sits very heavily in your stomach, and drinking on a hot day before going outside or doing any strenuous activity is a bad idea. It’s like drinking, eating Chinese food and then going for a 2 mile jog in 90 degree weather.

On the upside, Orange Whirl smells absolutely delicious, just like an Orange Dreamsicle. And everyone loves Orange Dreamsicles.

Final Words:

Needless to say, I was quite disappointed with Sunnie D’s Orange Whirl Smoothies. Despite smelling great and being very affordable, there are very few redeeming qualities to be had. The first few sips are tasty, but the joy of drinking something that reminds you of your dead Nana is yanked away just like her life. But she was old, and that’s just what happens.


  • Smells yummy
  • First few sips are good
  • Grandmothers


  • Gross aftertaste
  • Leaves a gross, slippery coating in your mout
  • Doesn’t taste like a smoothie
  • Dead Grandmothers

Score: 5.0/10 (Meh)

Aroma: 7.75/10 (Smells like an Orange Dreamsicle)
Taste: 3.0/10 (First few sips taste great, after that it get kinda gross)
Value: 7.0/10 (Only a little over a buck. But really you won’t drink the whole thing so it’s just a waste of a dollar)

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  1. Nigga, what the fuck is juice? I want some grape drank baby. Mmm! It’s purple

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  3. @ Thomas

    Good for you, racist piece of shit.

    Anyway this stuff is no where near as bad as the Strawberry kind. But it is horrible.

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