[Food Review] Sonic Breakfast Burrito


sonic logoI love breakfast. For some reason, I’m rarely as satisfied with a good lunch or dinner as I am with a good breakfast. There’s something about having your belly full in the morning that just starts the day off right.

Unfortunately, I’m both lazy (so I rarely make my own breakfast) and poor (so I’m unable to grab a quick bite regularly). But this morning I decided that my hunger could not wait until my scheduled lunch time, and I rolled through the drive-thru of my local Sonic. I perused the menu, and found something enticing. A breakfast burrito. I thought, “Surely, this is a delicious thing.” So I bought one.


The Breakfast Burrito was insanely delicious, and it provided a valuable substitute to other Breakfast menu staples that other fast food restaurants offer. Not only was the tortilla wrap a much healthier and lighter version of the heavier biscuit, muffin, or croissant, but the contents of the wrap were top notch. Sonic provided a wonderful combination of a number of solid ingredients, assuring that each bite had just the right amount of Bacon, Egg, Cheese, and Tortilla.

Bacon provides a hearty, strong smokey taste and, surprisingly, there was a lot of bacon within the wrap. Oftentimes I find at fast food restaurants, that the meat item in a breakfast sandwich is usually the most neglected, but here that is not so. There were three thick pieces of bacon which stretched the entire distance of the burrito. Each bite was packed full of hot, delicious meat.

The egg part was fantastic, and had a very distinguished taste. They tasted more homemade then I’ve become used to when hitting up a drive-thru, they were very light but still hearty enough to be filling.

The cheese provided the kick and was both zesty and creamy at the same time. Each bite felt garnished with the appropriate amount of cheese, and there was never so much that it overwhelmed the other more important items in the burrito. It was more of a condiment that was used in just the right amount.

The burrito/tortilla shell was big enough, and also provided a light and non-greasy substitute to your usual bagel/biscuit/muffin choice.

I purchased the combo meal (#11), so I also got a small order of tots and a medium drink. The tots were solid, and provided a great substitute to the more greasy sides other restaurants offer.

The value is where this meal really surprised me, as I took this all home for a paltry $3.95. Granted, this is not a King’s feast or anything, but the value is fantastic. The big kicker is that I got a drink included in that price, something other restaurants would like to charge you an additional $1+ for. Really key.


  • Unique-tasting
  • Wonderful blend of ingredients
  • Very affordable


  • Had I been famished, this wouldn’t have been enough
  • They need a combo with 2 Breakfast Burritos for us growing boys!

Final Words:

Since I work about 100 yards from Sonic, I can only imagine I’m going to be pillaging that drive-thru for weeks to come. This provided me with a solid core breakfast, and it didn’t really kill my wallet. The service was quick and precise, and the meal was well worth the sub-$4 price tag.

Overall Score: 8.75/10

Taste: 8.0/10
Ingredients: 9.0/10
Value: 9.0/10

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  1. I love Sonic’s breakfast burritos, though I usually get mine with sausage.

    And breakfast is the onlý thing on Sonic’s menu that is even remotely fairly priced.

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