[The Everyview Update] 07/12/09

Hey guys, how has everyone been? I left the Everyview offices for a couple of days this weekend and left Clay and Andrew in charge of things while I was gone, hopefully they treated you well! I took a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio to catch Marcy Playground play a show and to take a trip to Kings Island, both of which will be reviewed very soon along with Five Guys Burgers and Fries and the new Monster Import.

You may also have noticed that we never posted any contest or anything of the sort even though I promised one last week. Maybe this week? Definitely. Like I said, it’s nothing big or exciting, but it’s easy to enter and whoever joins gets a free candy bar. What kind of candy bar? Likely not one you can easily find anywhere but from me, so continue to wait as excitedly as you currently are.

That’s it for now guys, we’ve got a good amount of great reviews planned for this week, so stay tuned in! And until next time, keep reading Everyview!

3 thoughts on “[The Everyview Update] 07/12/09

  1. If you think Everyview has an office, then you my friend have a very loose definition of the word office.

  2. I wish we had an office, and that this could be my full-time job. Someday.

  3. Just because neither of you have ever been to the office doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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