[Food Review] McDonald’s Angus Deluxe Burger


I don’t eat McDonald’s too often. You see, I used to work for the fast food giant. It’s not that anything particularly gross ever went on behind the scenes, but after eating nothing but McDonald’s for lunch over a span of 3 months, it just loses any appeal it had before.

But now that they’ve finally decided to add a new high quality line of  burgers to their stale menu, I can’t help but be curious. And as our friends at GrubGrade have pointed out, the last time McDonald’s released a new burger was in 2001 with the Big N’ Nasty. I mean Tasty. Whatever, they suck.


This was actually not my first encounter with the Angus Deluxe, as I tried it once before and was met with old meat, a soggy bun, and leathery cheese. I decided not to blame the burger for that incident, and instead gave it one more chance, this time with much better results. I lucked out and got a burger that was actually semi fresh, which makes all the difference in the world.

First off, let’s go ahead and talk about the beef. McDonald’s beef is usually very generic, so it’s really nice that these burgers are made from Angus beef. This results in fresher, juicier patties that are far more flavorful. There is really no comparison to the standard patties, which are flat, greasy, and often bland.

McDonaldsAngusBurgerDeluxAnother thing that is exclusive to the third pound burgers is a new higher quality bun. There’s not really anything special about it, but it has a nicer texture than the standard buns and is less airy. They go through the same toasting process and are topped with sesame seeds.

The Angus Deluxe comes topped with mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions. The pickles and onions are both of much higher quality than what you’ll find on, say a Double Cheeseburger or Quarter Pounder, and they taste much better too. All of the ingredients come together really well to present a delicious burger that could almost even rival Hardee’s, a restaurant that’s known exclusively for its Angus beef. And taking over 45 minutes to prepare a meal.

Since everything else is higher in quality, it only makes since that the price would be a little bit higher. But at four bucks, I’d say this definitely isn’t going to become a regular order for me. Sure it’s a lot better than ordering from the $1 Menu all the time, but I can overeat for a lot less money by doing so.

Final Words:

Everything is a step up in terms of quality. The beef, the buns, and some of the toppings. Everything comes together really well with the Angus Deluxe, and the end result is a delicious burger that is unlike anything McDonald’s has served in the past. The burger tastes great and all of the toppings are delicious and compliment the Angus burger really well.

But at $4 for the sandwich alone, I can’t see this being anybody’s regular item. Not with a $1 Menu at their disposal anyway. It’s definitely a nice departure from the regular low-quality burgers I’m used to eating from McDonald’s anyway.


  • Higher quality than anything else on the menu
  • Some of the toppings are higher quality as well
  • Everything comes together really nicely


  • $4 for the sandwich alone
  • Dripping mayonnaise on my new shirt 🙁

Score: 8.0/10

Taste: 8.25/10 (Great)
Ingredients: 8.75/10 (Higher quality bun, meat, onions, pickles)
Value: 7.0/10 ($4 is a little steep, but it’s worth it when you can afford it)

7 thoughts on “[Food Review] McDonald’s Angus Deluxe Burger

  1. I have had this and the Mushroom Swiss, this being by far the superior sandwich. The Mushroom Swiss is dry and has a great lack of ‘shrooms, making the value questionable at best.

  2. Just ate one. It was spectacular.

    I might just get another one before the week’s out. It was really that good

  3. I, much like yourself, got a burger that was old and stale. The whole thing just tasted like… leather. Felt like it too. There’s a reason I hate mcdonalds.

  4. every nice review.
    Hey could you tell clay to tell his mom
    That we are done an she can stop calling
    Me Thanks 🙂

  5. @ edjunkie

    Haha, I’ll bet they do. Who could resist? These burgers are tasty!

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