[Movie News] The Last Airbender Features All White Cast

In 2007, Nickelodeon announced they’d have M. Night Shyamalan write, direct and produce a trilogy based on the T.V. series “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Unfortunately, due to copyright issues the movie is simply called “The Last Airbender.” The teaser trailer for the first movie came out with Transformers 2 (which according to critics was an abomination), so I’ve gone ahead and shoved it in here for you. Yes, I know. You’re welcome.

Apparently there’s been some kind of controversy about the whole cast being of the Caucasian persuasion, with some fans accusing the creators of being racist. I’m not going to say those people are just looking for something to whine about… but they are.

Also, Mr. Shyamalan says the whole thing stemmed from his daughter dressed up as Kataraa for Halloween, and that got him interested in the show in the first place. Which is awesome.

7 thoughts on “[Movie News] The Last Airbender Features All White Cast

  1. M. Knight Shyamalan is possibly the WORST director in Hollywood. He got lucky with one film, and every single other film he’s made has been terrible.

    I’m going to go ahead and assume this movie (trilogy, I guess) is going to blow. And the white cast is absolutely stupid.

  2. Yea, thats true, but i really dont think he could dick this up. All the material is already there.
    Im kind of looking forward to this.

  3. This is not a story I am familiar with, but I think Shyamalan is capable of “dicking up” most anything. I will go you one further Zac, as I actually thought “Unbreakable” was a pretty solid movie. But everything he has done since has been awful or worse.
    But after “Lady in the Water,” which was as bad as bad gets by the way, I refuse to see anything else he does. If you have the audacity to cast yourself in your own movie as a writer whose work will one day change the world, and you don’t back it up with greatness, you deserve the kind of hatred he has earned. Screw him.

  4. @Clay

    If you think “Lady in the Water” was as bad as bad gets, you’ve never seen “The Happening.” That is possibly the worst movie ever filmed.

  5. Idk, im not going to get my hopes up, to be honest the cartoon wasnt at all bad, it had its moments, but still, think about recent cartoon to movie adaptations, thats all i have to say

  6. I love the cartoon, and I’m sure the movie will disappoint me. I’m going to see it anyway. Just like DragonBall. It was so effing bad.

  7. Lady in the Water was sooo much worse than the happening imo.. i actually own the happening cause i’m one of the maybe 5% of the audience that liked the movie.

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