Michael Jackson Dies From Cardiac Arrest

michael-jacksonConfirmed by the L.A Times and NBC News, Michael Jackson, perhaps the most influential figure in the world of pop music, died today at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California from cardiac arrest.

He was taken to UCLA Medical Center after a 911 call was made from his California home reporting that he had collapsed, initiating a full alarm response. When medics arrived, reports say, he had already stopped breathing and was immediately rushed to the hospital in a deep coma. By the time he arrived, his pulse was gone and doctors worked vigorously to revive him, but their efforts were sadly in vain.

This afternoon, 06/25/09, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead by doctors at UCLA Medical Center. He was only 50 years old.

He was reportedly in great physical shape as he was working with a personal trainer to prepare for a massive 3 year world tour which was to be the revival of his legendary career.

May he rest in peace, my thoughts and prayers go to his friends, family, and countless numbers of fans. All we can do now is hope that he will be remembered as the legendary and brilliant musician that he was. How will you remember Michael Jackson?

11 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Dies From Cardiac Arrest

  1. Wow. This is earth shattering to me. May he rest in peace. He is now a legend as opposed to a mere man.

  2. (^^^Not the same Brandon.)
    A little boy finally agreed to fish the popsicle out…so tragic, so tragic

  3. ” it is so sad that the king of pop is already dead… we are going to miss him but his music will be remembered forever “…

  4. It is sad his life will forever be remembered as a joke by most people. But he was a very talented man and just made a few too many mistakes… RIP

  5. There are too many Brandons that visit this site IMO.

    Anyway, I find that I’m one of the few that don’t care about his death. People say that we should respect him because of all the good he has done and how talented he was. But AFAIC, all of that doesn’t make up for molesting those children. Worthless scum.

  6. R.I.P.

    @ Bart

    I totally agree with you. When this was announced some of my coworkers were making pedophilia and rape jokes. It’s really sad that they can’t respect a man of such talent who contributed to the music industry more than any other individual.

  7. Michael Jackson would still be remembered as the only King of Pop. We would surely miss him.

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