[Food Review] Batter Blaster (Original)


batterblasterreviewDon’t you hate making pancakes? First you’ve got to get the bulky, square-shaped box full of annoying powder that you have to mix with milk until your wrists are filled with carpel before you can scoop batter onto a frying pan. That process requires a bowl, mixing apparatus, scooping mechanism, and something very few Americans have — time. Either that or they are just really lazy. Possibly just too fat to move.

Regardless of your reason for not making pancakes as often as you would like to, the fact still stands that you want flapjacks every once in a while and would like to be able to eat them without all the preparation. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Batter Blasters. Pancakes in a can.


The Concept behind Batter Blasters is relatively simple and should’ve been thought of long before it was. Pancake batter in an aerosol can. I know canned pancakes don’t necessarily sound like the most appealing food in the world, but it is easily the biggest revolution the breakfast industry has seen in a long time.

No more mixing and scooping batter means no more unnecessary dirty dishes and a hell of a lot less effort. You simply shake your can of Batter Blaster pancake batter and shoot the mix directly onto a hot frying pan. That’s all the effort required from you.

BatterBlasterPancakesHowever there are some drawbacks to storing batter inside of an aerosol can. For instance the biggest problem is the fact that there is a lot less air inside the batter, which leads to cooking complications such as cooking the entire flapjack all the way through before flipping without burning the bottom.

In an attempt to avoid burning one side of the pancake you will likely try flipping it before it’s actually ready to flip which almost always results in an ugly pancake that is, much to your dismay, slightly too dark anyway and a partially raw pancake. The lack of air in the batter also results pancakes that aren’t as light or fluffy in texture as many people like them to be. Instead the cakes are kind of flat and don’t possess a very appealing texture at all.

A more obvious problem would be that since the batter goes straight from the can to the pan you aren’t able to mix anything into it. No blueberries or chocolate chips is definitely a bummer, but you can always add anything you want as a condiment after cooking is complete.

Of course if you are too lazy to make your own pancakes then you have no right to complain.

I know, you’re all wondering if Batter Blasters taste like actual pancakes or like something that obviously came out of an aerosol can. Don’t worry, they may not have the fluffy texture of homemade pancakes, but they taste just fine. Throw some honey or syrup on them and you’ve got yourself a great tasting pancake that took moments to make.

Final Words:

Batter Blasters are the most innovative thing I’ve ever seen. Pancake batter in an aerosol can? Hell yeah!

No more mixing, scooping, or dirty dishes to deal with just to have yourself some scrumptious flapjacks. I actually caught myself eating pancakes even after I was full just because there was no hassle to making them. These are perfect for anyone in a hurry during the mornings or anyone who is just too lazy to make their own pancake batter.

And while Batter Blasters aren’t perfect, I highly recommend them just because the concept of having pancakes in a can is so awesome.


  • Pancakes in a can!!!!!!
  • They taste like pancakes as opposed to aerosol or aluminum
  • Insanely convenient


  • Accidentally saying Bladder Bastards
  • Don’t always cook properly
  • Aren’t as light and fluffy as homemade pancakes

Score: 8.0/10

20 thoughts on “[Food Review] Batter Blaster (Original)

  1. Bladder Bastards made me lol.

    Anyway these look awesome! I’m gonna keep an eye out for them next time I go shopping.

    How much are they?

  2. My girlfriend was stolen by a man who ate these manly pancakes every day of the week. Screw you, Batter Blaster.

  3. the Christiians say that God created Earth in 7 days.. well if thats true he created the Batter Blaster before he even began to think about making the world.

  4. i have been eating these pancakes like a mad man but i hve tstill lost 20 lbs thank you Batter Blaster!!

  5. I find these Batter Blaster pancakes quite delectable, in fact. I am unable to resist their gooey, creamy texture, and so easily accessible, too–from a can! To live in conditions lacking in such canned delights is purely ridiculous! I enjoy them even so far as to take photographs of myself with said Batter Blasters; I will upload them if my digital camera is functional before I go into hibernation.

  6. Hmmm. I don’t know if I can trust you. Afterall, they come out of an aerosol can.

  7. …Wow. Can you say “Cancer”?

    But other than that these seem pretty innovative.

  8. @ tallboy2112

    people have been eating pancakes, things out of cans, and aerosol food products like cool whip for years. I don’t think combining them magically causes cancer cells to form.

    Then again, what doesn’t cause cancer these days?

  9. I think Tallboys right, and so is Chancellor, they may cause cancer, cause what doesnt now-a-days, but at least it will be delicious, buttery cancer smothered in maple deliciousness, thats the american way to have cancer right there

  10. You wouldn’t believe the amount of pussy I get after I tell them I cook with Batter Blaster. Thanks Batter Blaster!!

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