Zack Morris on Jimmy Fallon

So I don’t watch Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, but have heard internet rumblings that he is trying to organize a reunion of the cast of “Saved By The Bell,” arguably the greatest American sitcom the world has ever known.

Anyway, last night he was supposed to have Mark-Paul Gosselaar on to plug his new TV show, whatever the hell it is. But to the viewers’ surprise, Gosselaar came out and indicated his name was, in fact, Zack Morris, and that he changed his name after graduating high school because there was already someone with his name in the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

What followed was an interview that anyone who has dedicated their lives to watching hour after hour of “Saved By The Bell” in syndication simply has to see. It seems to me that most people who watched the show, like me, have seen each episode several times over, and if you fall into this demographic, the video above is comedic gold. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Zack Morris on Jimmy Fallon

  1. That… that really just creeps me out. I honestly believe that he really thinks he’s Zach Morris.

  2. Oh come on, give him credit. That was a genuinely solid bit of acting. And he could have been all stuffy and done the whole “I don’t do that character anymore” bit but he didn’t. As someone who hasn’t seen any SBTB episodes fewer than 10 times, I was in paradise watching this.

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