[Tech News] PSP Go Revealed

psp-goThanks to a recently leaked episode of Qore, Sony’s own Monthly Video Game Program, the world now knows that the long-rumored PSP Go is a real piece of tech and it’s on its way. No one is really sure why this happened, but the episode went live to feature the series’ hostess speaking with SCEA Director of Hardware John Koller about Sony’s newest handheld system.

Within the leaked episode is also talk of a new PSP Metal Gear, Gran Turismo, and a first look at the previously announced LittleBigPlanet Portable. I’m thinking this covers just about all of the big news they had planned for the portable market at E3. Good job, Sony.

The system itself possesses a clever sliding design, showing only the gorgeous 3.8 inch screen when closed but opens to reveal a stupidly designed piece of hardware that looks even more uncomfortable to hold than the original model. Other than being ugly, the system houses shoulder buttons, face buttons, start/select, a d-pad, and only one analog nub.

Seriously, what’s the deal with that? The single biggest complaint most gamers have with the PSP is the lack of dual analog on the system. Aside from this stupid design choice and the overall ugly look of the system, the only other notable update is that the system has no UMD port whatsoever. All games you play on the Go must be downloaded from the Sony story and stored on the systems adequate internal memory. When that memory runs out you can always insert a Memory Stick, of course.

The system is meant to co-exist with the PSP 3000 model and will be released this fall.

7 thoughts on “[Tech News] PSP Go Revealed

  1. Wow. What a leak.

    And that thing is really ugly. I’ve never liked PSP and this changes nothing. It’s ugly, inconvenient, and nothing is upgraded, just alternated.

  2. What the hell, is it really that hard to add another stick, sony is going down the drain.

  3. you guys are fucking retarded this is an awesome piece of tech. go play your petz on your ds ninty fanboys.

  4. nikle

    This is pretty ugly whether you want to admit it or not. And the DS has far more games than petz, far more quality games than the psp could ever hope to have.

    But hopefully this isn’t the finally design because i think it’s a cool concept

  5. So is metal gear and gran turismo going to be download-only or what?

    Maybe an option for both?

  6. I got my PSP 3000 on releaseday and I’m so glad I got it, will never get a DS.

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