[Tech News] Nintendo Deals a Crushing Blow to Handheld Pirates

A short while ago we reported on a small piracy device called the Supercard DS(onei) that seemed to put piracy on the winning side of the war for a good long while. Nintendo, however, found a way to combat the thieves by teaming up with both eBay and Amazon to cease all sales of the Supercard, R4, AceKard or any flashcart used to pirate handheld games.

gamepiracyWhile this may not directly stop those who already own the devices, it definitely keeps a ton of units from being moved into the hands of fresh recruits just sweatin’ for some booty. This is a powerful move that makes it easy to understand why Nintendo is #1 in the war on piracy, with over 411,000 illegal software copying devices confiscated around the world.

Source: MCV.com

3 thoughts on “[Tech News] Nintendo Deals a Crushing Blow to Handheld Pirates

  1. Well it will not stop much. There are tons of places like http://www.dealextreme.com/ where you can order directly from china. Price is less than 17 dollars for the R4i Revolution which works with the dsi. Th Wii can be hacked as well as PSP, xbox 360. For every fix the companies come out with someone will find a way around it. The only one I know not hacked yet is the PS3

  2. @ edjunkie

    While it is true that there are still plenty of vendors for garnering piracy devices, this is a huge step in the right direction and the biggest advance Nintendo has made in a long time.

    But yes, the war is far from over.

  3. Yeah, this is a pretty big deal and definitely a step in the right direction, but like edjunkie said, there are plenty of ways to get your stuff still.

    And I wish someone would make a homebrew only device that isnt used for piracy, that way we’d get our great home made stuff and nintendo wouldn’t be able to take them away.

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