Tech News: DSi = HACKED!

With Nintendo’s newest handheld, I feel they thought they were finally going to beat game pirates once and for all. They ripped support for FlashCarts, a popular device that was used to pirate legitimate games as well as allow players to enjoy homebrew titles, and added a new firmware updating system that should have, in theory, allowed Nintendo to beat the efforts of hackers and pirates by forcing a firmware install whenever you wanted to get online.

supercartdsihackingdeviceWell that worked up until now, anyway. Enter the Supercard DS(onei). This device allows for all of the illegal gaming fun that past devices on the DS and DSi did, but it fights fire with fire by allowing for firmware updates of its own!

Whenever Nintendo releases an update to thwart the efforts of the Supercard, all you have to do is wait for their team of hackers to work out a way around that update, and install an update of your own. It’s that simple.

I personally hate game pirates with a passion, as it’s always the honest consumers that end up walking the plank for their “valiant” efforts. Playing homebrew titles is fine by me, but game piracy just hurts the industry as a whole.

Thanks to Kotaku for pointing this out!

3 thoughts on “Tech News: DSi = HACKED!

  1. im suprised ds lasted this long these things are toys not gaming devices.

  2. @MasterCheif94
    Are you kidding me? Have you PLAYED a DS? They are amazing gaming systems and are far from being “a child’s plaything.”

    You’re obviously one of those PSP kids. Sorry to hear that.

  3. @Zac Pritcher
    Way to go being a Nintendo Kid! Their innovative ideas with the DS and the Wii own what Sony and Microsoft have done. I really wish I could afford next gen systems. I just play homebrewed roms on my pc, but they would be so much cooler on a system like the DSi. Nice review, bro.

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