[Energy Drink News] Red Bull Cola Banned in Germany for Containing Cocaine

Everyone knows it’s true that Coca-Cola used to contain traces of cocaine as one of the primary ingredients. But that was way back in 1885, way before anyone knew just how powerful of a narcotic cocaine really was. Of course the Coke Company no longer allows anything short of 100% de-cocainized coca leaf extract, the plant from which the drug is derived, to be used as an ingredient in their immensely popular soft drink.

Remember, cocaine or not Red Bull Cola is still a carbonated liquid. Do not snort carbonated liquids.

Do not snort carbonated liquids.

But what if I told you that you could like walk to your nearest grocery store and pick up a can of Red Bull Cola, which is made with coca leaf and contains traces of actual cocaine? Well chances are that all of you snort-heads out there would run out, grab around 63 cans, and mop something for the next 12 hours.

It is due to this fact that Red Bull’s “all-natural” cola is now being swiftly pulled from store shelves in most German states. A food safety institute in North-Rhine Westphalia reported findings of cocaine traces in cans of Red Bull Cola, claiming that made the drink a narcotic as opposed to a food, warranting the need for a special license to market the product.

Despite these claims, Red Bull is opposing its authorities having this to say, “De-cocainized extract of coca leaf is used worldwide in foods as a natural flavouring,” and they are absolutely right.

Coca leaf is even still used in Coca-Cola today. As long as the coca leaf extract is 100% de-cocainized extract, there should be absolutely no problem at all. If there really were traces of actual cocaine found in the beverage, meaning the de-cocainizing process is not completely effectient, expect a ban in the U.S. as well, at least until Red Bull can prove they are able to remove all cocaine from their coca leaf ingredient.

Source: The Local

Special thanks to Cocaine Energy Drink (review) creator Jamey Kirby for sending this story in, we’ll keep our eyes out for more news.

12 thoughts on “[Energy Drink News] Red Bull Cola Banned in Germany for Containing Cocaine

  1. Hahaha, rofl @ your pic.

    Also, I don’t think the ban will come to the US, we understand the difference between cocaine and coca leaf.

  2. Holy shit, what’s wrong with your eyes?

    Yeah that is pretty weird, especially since Germany is telling someone not to use cocaine free extract from plants that make cocaine to make drinks when they allow anyone to do whatever hardcore drugs they want.

  3. bummer, now we wont have anymore shitty red bull cola that tastes just like coka-cola :[

  4. “Do not snort carbonated liquids”


    And I’m gonna have to agree with everyone else on here that says RBC is gross. So I can’t really say I give much of a shit.

  5. @Mikel- While there IS a difference, it is possible that Red Bull’s decocainization process is lacking and therefore some traces of actual cocaine were left intact.

    @tallboy- My eyes look like that all the time and I’m very sensitive about it, thanks for being a jerk. 😉 Regarding that whole Germans love drugs thing, Red Bull just needs a different license for dealing narcotics and they are good to go.

    @Thomas- Cocaine isn’t gross, it’s the designated glamor drug. Only rockstars and other overly clean people use it.

    @Randy- It doesn’t taste EXACTLY like Coke, but like a mix between Coke and RC, which makes it pretty gross.


    This may very well be the first ever energy drink I collect. haahahaha

  7. BTW, it really bothers me that cocaine is classified as a “narcotic.” Narco… means… to… sleep.

  8. yeah why is cocaine a narotic it make ppl want to jump up and down and shoot thugs and skydive and play rock and roll.

  9. Nice!

    “chances are that all of you snort-heads out there would run out, grab around 63 cans, and mop something for the next 12 hours.”


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