Game News: Barack Obama, Sarah Palin Teamed Up to Star in We Love Golf?

A big thanks to SuperPhillip Central for noticing this.

Check out the back of the box for We Love Golf, a Wii exclusive from July 0f 2008.

welovegolf-barack-obamaNotice the character on the far left looks almost exactly like President Barack Obama, behind him is a female character that bares an uncanny resemblance to Sarah Palin, and the example Mii in the bubble at the bottom appears to be modeled after the political comedian Steven Colbert. He is America, after all, and so can you.

These resemblances are most likely mere coincidence, but strange and uncanny none-the-less. I still can’t get over how much that guy looks like President Obama.

If you are interested in learning more about We Love Golf, check out SuperPhillip’s review here.

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3 thoughts on “Game News: Barack Obama, Sarah Palin Teamed Up to Star in We Love Golf?

  1. That is eerie. Although my guess is that it’s supposed to be a look-a-like of Tiger Woods. But then that makes the people at We Love Golf pretty racist in my book.

  2. Haha wow. This is pretty funny. But who is that mystery girl on the right? An ultra young Hilary?

  3. Yeah, I agree with Andrew, but that def ended up looking like Obama. And I can’t think of anyone that the girl on the right reminds me of, definitely not hilary, though.

    you can tell because she’s not crying.

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