Music News: Stream the New Wilco Album Online

A few weeks ago, we ran a review of live show by Alt-rockers Wilco. For those of you craving new studio material prior to the June 30th release of their seventh studio album, simply titled “Wilco (The Album),” you can stream the new material for free on the band’s official site. I will attempt to give a few listens and post an official review sometime by the end of the week. wilco

4 thoughts on “Music News: Stream the New Wilco Album Online

  1. Awesome!!! I don’t really understand why record companies give their music away for free like that, but I guess it makes sense somehow.

  2. On the offhand chance someone reads this, the stream was apparently taken down sometime today between noon and right now so that review I promised will not be happening this week unless it is re-posted.

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