Game News: The Conduit Pre-Order Upgrade Revealed

An interesting tidbit of information regarding pre-ordering the highly-anticipated upcoming Wii exclusive title, The Conduit was just announced.

Here’s a snippet from Sega of America’s statement:

For a limited time, pre-order The Conduit at GameStop and receive a Special Edition upgrade, which includes:

• Follow the Conduit from concept to creation in the 24-page “making-of” book.
• Unlock the secrets of the The Conduit with the “All-Seeing Eye” (A.S.E.), featuring custom detailing and light projection.
• Dominate your opponentes in intense multiplayer matches with the “Secret Agent” skin.

*Just a quick note, you may notice that the word “opponents” is spelled wrong in that last list item from the statement. That was Sega’s error, not mine.

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