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Before we get started, let’s make one thing clear. There is an absolutely huge difference between energy drinks and energy supplements. Energy drinks are made to be delicious beverages with loads of sugar and artificial sweeteners to tickle your taste buds whereas energy supplements are meant to supply you with energy without killing your kidneys in the process.

vemma-vere-energy-drinkVerve supplement is from the same people that created the ultra-powerful, award winning antioxidant juice known as Vemma, and contains the same beneficial ingredients plus a few extras to give you an energetic boost. Verve sponsors several major league sport teams and is highly enjoyed and recommended by athletes all over America.


Keep in mind this isn’t a drink for lovers of your standard energy drink, this is a powerful and healthy dietary supplement that is meant to do far more than give you an energy rush. Verve claims to boost your immune system, support your digestive system, maintain healthy eyes, skin, and hair, and give you the abundance in energy you expect from an energy drink. Does this sound completely ridiculous to you? I thought so too, until I turned the can around and read the list of ingredients.

The one that immediately smacked me in the face was the 500% daily value of Vitamin C. No, that wasn’t a typo, verve really packs 5 days’ worth of Vitamin C into one little 8.3 oz can. Never again will I sip on a cup of orange juice when I get the sniffles. Aside from that massive amount of C, there’s 250% D3, 200% E, and 100% B12. Those are just some of your essential vitamins, if you were to look at the entire Nutritious Facts table you would see +100% of many of the things your body needs in order to be healthy are in a single serving. That’s impressive.

Now let’s discuss the other attributes of the drink. Your first whiff of Verve’s powerful mineral and vitamin filled formula is likely to leave you breathless. When compared to other similar products, however, it smells delicious. When doing side-by-side comparisons with other energy providing dietary supplements like I did you will quickly come to appreciate Verve’s soft scent which once seemed pungent and overpowering.

So the aroma is a winner when stacked against its competition, but how does it taste. Again, if Verve is the first real supplement you’ve ever had, you’re going to hate it. At first. Put it against a few other contenders in the battle for dietary supplement supremacy and you will again see Verve is the clear winner. And even if you don’t do a comparison, Verve’s natural and earthy flavor will grow on you and you will actually start to enjoy it.

I’m not going to lie, when I had my first can of Verve I didn’t want to finish it. However, for the sake of this review I pounded it  back (sipped slowly) so I could feel the kind of kick it delivered. I knew it would be lackluster compared to drinks like Venom or Cocaine, but I walked away pleasantly surprised. Verve doesn’t supply a kick, really, but instead offers a very satisfying uplifting feeling that lasts near 8 hours. I felt comfortable, competent, focused, relaxed and ready as opposed to being constantly on edge and prepared to pounce at the first thing that so much as twitches in your peripheral.

On the value front, Verve isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely not a rip-off. While to price tag of about $2.70 for an 8.3 oz container may seem absolutely ludicrous, jump back up to the paragraph where I talked about the ingredients. Remember, Verve’s chemical composition is nearly the exact same as Vemma Juice, which will run consumers $30 for a 32 oz bottle. This is high quality stuff, ladies and gentlemen, and the price isn’t all that insane when you look at it’s competition. Instead you’ll find it to be right on par when it comes to value even though it offers a superior formula.

Just as one more quick note, Verve also comes in a sugar free supplement which, surprisingly, I preferred over the original. I usually refuse to drink or eat anything that is sugar free, but Verve’s healthier version is surprisingly the tastier of the two as well. There is also a Verve shot which I will be reviewing before too long.

Final Words:

Any serious athlete looking to boost their performance will love Verve! It’s filled to the brim with minerals and vitamins to make sure your body stays healthy and strong and give you an uplifting boost that will last most of your day. This product isn’t recommended for fans of energy drinks, but for anyone looking for a tasty new dietary supplement should hunt down a case immediately. Try looking here first.

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  • Verve is both tastier and more aromatically pleasing than most of its competition
  • 5 days worth of vitamin C
  • It really is insanely healthy


  • Not a product for fans of tasty energy drinks because…
  • it tastes and smells horrible compared to the more casual-consumer drinks

Score: 8.0/10 (Great)

Aroma: 8.0/10 (Sweet like candy, minerals are too powerful)
Taste: 8.0/10 (Better than a lot of other supplements, gritty minerals at the bottom of the can are offsetting)
Kick: 8.75/10 (Can’t call it a kick as much as a solid uplifting feeling that keeps you focused)
Value: 7.0/10 (Right on par with most of its competitors, but that’s still a little steep for the average consumer)

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  2. There are some limited small business retail outlets that carry it, I’m working with a spa chain to place it in 390 locations worldwide, so its possible to find it in small businesses throughout the country and the US Airway Arena. Keep an eye out, as it grows in popularity it will pop up all around you. I have mine delivered monthly to my door step, not a bad concept either!

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