A Self-Promoting Self-Introduction

My name is Andrew Majors, and I’m guessing you, as a clever futuristic Internet user, might have already figured that out. I’m a criminally underemployed Indiana University graduate, and I’m not at all bitter about that. I was born, raised, and still currently reside in Terre Haute, Indiana. You should be jealous of that.

I am 23, and I still watch Professional Wrestling.

I have odd tastes and preferences, and am incredibly self-involved. I’m a narcissistic manchild with a strong desire to change the world.

Nice to meet you.

5 thoughts on “A Self-Promoting Self-Introduction

  1. Nice to meet you, too! I`m a regular `round these parts, so we`ll be seeing a lot of each other.

    Oh, pro wrestling past it`s prime during the lat `80s to mid 90`s. *whispers* but i still watch it anyway, and I`m 38 😉

  2. Nice to meet you. I am Troy from edjunkie.com and I am 44 yrs old. No I don’t watch wrestling anymore but I do play a lot of video games and have all 3 major systems. I listen to a crapload of different music and not old people music either. I like what I like not what is considered cool. I love junk food ,frozen pizza, caffeine, and beer. I also like to ride my singlespeed road bike for hours at a time(helps with the junk food and beer). I can’t stand music snobs, beer snobs, movies snobs, and snobs in general.

  3. Hey man. I’m Kyle from World 1-1, a small Nintendo blog of mine. I’ve been an avid reader of Everyview for a while now.

    I play a lot of video games, like movies, music, and a good book. Not really into wrestling, and don’t watch a lot of TV other than shows I get on DVD (24, Lost). Born and raised in good old Oregon, and like what I like and dislike what I dislike.

  4. Tallboy, you better be ready for some WWE reviews!

    edjunkie, I’m sorry you don’t like movie, music, or beer snobs. I happen to be all three of those things!

    Kyle, OREGON! I so want to move there!

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