So I have decided to come out of the Closet…

This review is very misleading and I know that. If you could find it in your hearts to forgive me that would be most appreciated. I have decided to tell the world a secret that’s been gnawing at my neck for almost 300 years.

I would like everyone to know that I am a vampire and I drink blood for sustinance. The vampire community would probably have me removed for revealing you the truth about the existence of our species. There are many truths, myths, and misunderstandings about us and if you have any questions you can get a hold of me at Please do not fear me because I have been currently trying to control myself with animal blood and it’s working with some success. I’m sorry that this secret has been kept from you for so long. Depending on how my editor feels I will continue to write for Everyview. Thank you for your time.

Patricker O’brien

5 thoughts on “So I have decided to come out of the Closet…

  1. Orly? Hmmmmm, Didn’t know my own brother was a vampire. I was feeling a bit woozy everyday when we were living together…. So you were adopted!!!! knew it 😛

  2. @Andrew

    Yeah, it is. His mental well-being is extremely susceptible to the fantasies he reads.

  3. i used to try to cast spells when i read harry potter….its a mental illness…

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