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Well its long over due but here it is. The iPhone 3G review. I got it what, like more than 2 months ago?


As everyone knows, the iPhone 3G is probably the worlds most famous smartphone currently available. It is held on the AT&T service, designed by Apple in California. The 8GB version runs for $199 and the 16GB version runs for $299. There are many features that the iPhone supports that come as a standard for most mainstream smartphones. The phone supports multi-touch touchscreen capabilities, obvious 3G support, 2.0 Megapixel camera without video recording, GPS, web browser, wifi, Bluetooth, and email support. Oh, and you get the application store for free.


Call Quality:
The only issue I had with the iPhone’s call quality was that I could never hear anyone very loudly to begin with and that irritated me. I never could understand why it was like that until I moved the phone on my ear. I guess having a flip phone for the last four years made me unfamiliar with other designs. So that was short lived, just a matter of getting used to it, although I do still have some problems with how loud other people are but nothing to ruin the phone’s overall experience. Maybe those people don’t have very powerful voices or their phones suck.

According to Zac, I guess the second most important part of the phone is its physical design. Although I guess the presentation of any technological device would be important. For someone to say, “Hey, whats that? Can I look at it”? That comes with the attractiveness of the device. The design also comes into play for practicality, such as how well it will fit in your pocket. As far as the iPhone goes, it isn’t anything groundbreaking but there are some benchmarks such as there are only 2 physical buttons and 1 switch. The 8GB comes in black and the 16GB comes in your choice of white or black. The back of the iPhone is a tough plastic while the front has a aluminum rim around an entire tempered glass screen. The iPhone is also very sleek and the edges of the new design of the phone have a more gradual curve to it.

iPhone sexyThere is a sleep button on the top of it the phone. On the front of the phone under the screen there is a home button and on the top left side there is a slide vibrate switch. The headphone jack is on the top left. The multi-purpose apple jack is naturally on the bottom.

I gave a list of the features earlier in the review but this is a little bit more in depth explanation of them. The phone is broken down into an easy concept with the use of applications. They appear as little icons and are arranged in a grid. The are a lot of standard Apple designed ones such as the Phone, Ipod, and Calender applications. Everything is very streamlined when it comes to the iPhone. The transitions from screen to screen are presented very nicely and the touch makes the experience seamless. The screen is very clear with high color quality and resolution, and it is very bright. It never scratches either.

The Contacts work as most phones with options to add multiple numbers and add a personal picture and ringtone.

The web browser is a marvel though. The Safari web browser is very intuitive for a mobile device and offers features such as favorites and it can open multiple pages. Use of the accelerometer makes a nice landscape view of websites and feels a little bit more natural in your hands. Although with my iPhone sometimes when it is doing to many things at once will crash on me and go to the homescreen while I am trying to look something up on a website. Most websites will load in their normal form and not in their mobile website.

The application store is amazing. You can search applications or use the Top 25 tab and organize them from free to paid. Most Applications are not worth your time. Although depending on what you’re looking for you can probably find it, like on mine I have some games, Google earth, a language translator, and even a graphic calculator. The paid ones won’t run you more than $15 either.

back of iPhoneThe iPhone Ipod Application is considerably great too, because I got to sell my other iPods and now I only carry one device around with me. 8GB isn’t bad for me, but some people might like to go for the 16GB. The way the Ipod is organized is good, from albums to songs, and artists. Pretty standard stuff here.

The camera is a standard 2.0 Megapixel and the only disappointment that I have had on the iPhone is that it doesn’t have a video recorder. The camera can’t zoom in, either. It seems to me that they added the camera for the sake of all other phones having one. Although other applications can take advantage of the camera for their purposes.

The Battery is essential and lasts what seems like a lifetime. Except on 3G. 3G drains the life of the battery like none other, but thats only expected.

GPS is substantially one of the most useful features on the phone. I can click the locate button on the map application and it will find me and a little blue blip will appear where i am and will follow the map where I go. To say the least, I haven’t been lost since I got the phone.

Final Words:
The Phone does not dissapoint in any way. The software for the phone is a thing of beauty. The applications of the phone with the touch render it exceedingly far above most other phones. Other than how it crashes when it does multiple things or the lame camera, I am thoroughly satisfied. I will have this for at least a few years.

iPhone in handPros

  • Flat, sleek design fits well in pocket while not harming its purpose
  • Superior touch technology to all other
  • Application Store
  • Ipod, GPS, accelerometer, and other multimedia
  • Screen has a very high resolution
  • Battery Life


  • Sometimes hard to hear people
  • Crashes sometimes while using many applications
  • Lame camera


Overall:  9/10 (Amazing)
Call Quality: 9.0/10 (Hard to hear but never have a problem with connection.)
Design: 9/10 (Sleek enough to fit in my pocket without notice without harming purpose.)
Features: 9.5/10 (Other than the camera and the crashes, perfect.)

3 thoughts on “Review: iPhone 3G

  1. I love my iphone. I really do. I just want a storm really really bad. I wanna click that damn screen!!!!! It looks so fun.

  2. Is there any differences between an iPod touch and an iPhone other than the phone. (you can text on an iPod touch)

  3. Yeah the new iPod touch has pretty much the exact same features as the Iphone, the features it doesn’t have are a camera, and you cannot get online unless your in a wifi hotspot, whereas the iPhone can use the edge network, plus obviously the phone capabilities, there is an application where you can text while under a wifi hotspot though. The Ipod touches are amazing devices though and are well worth the money.

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