[Food Review] Oreo Cookie Sticks ‘n Creme Dip

Oreo Cookie Sticks n CremeHere’s a portion of a review posted on our sister site Does it Hit the Spot:

As for the taste, it’s basically what you’d expect it to be, which is to say the more you enjoy Oreo’s, the more likely you are to enjoy this product. Aside from the creme being runnier and less compacted that what you get with the cookies, the taste is virtually the same.

One problem I did have was that I didn’t find the product to be very texturally sound. Having gone through two of the six packages, I had one of the cookies break off on two separate occasions. I don’t know if this complaint really holds much ground as obviously it’s better for them to be too soft than too hard, but when it’s broken into sections, it makes the creme more difficult to proportionately spread and I am certainly anal retentive enough to find this bothersome.

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  1. hey i am patrick karam from zgharta
    i love eating dicks
    review : 10/10

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