[Energy Drink Review] Rumba Energy Juice

Here’s a portion of a review posted on Caffeine Critic:

Popping the tab, I am met with a refreshing and invigorating orange aroma that instantly floods your mouth with anticipatory saliva. It has a nice balance of tangy and sweet, though is a bit heavy on the sour side, and smells like it would be the perfect drink to accompany my breakfast.

Rumba isn’t really as enjoyable to drink as I had hoped, but most of that is attributed to the slightly-too-thick texture. The flavor is just fine, with appropriate levels of tanginess, sour, and sweet balanced in the unique blend of juices. The most prominent flavor is orange, but there are also Rumbalings (get it? Rumba…lings? Rumblings? Get it?) of peach and apple in there as well, making for a very pleasant cocktail of fruit flavors.

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