[Game News] Breach is Out Now for XBLA

I recently got a download code for Breach, a fairly adequately anticipated XBLA first-person shooter that uses an innovative engine to create some pretty impressive destructible environments. I’ve been playing it a bit before I review it, as I’m trying to really gauge just how I feel about it. Anyway, while I’ve had my hands on it for a week or so now, it is finally available to the public on XBox Live Arcade. Here is a portion of the press release:

“We are proud to release an original title that has the quality and innovation of
a major retail game at a price anyone can afford,” said Peter Tamte. “By using technology
orginally built for Six Days in Fallujah, Breach offers features no one else can
match at any price. Our destruction and cover systems will forever change the way
games are played.”

Breach is unlike any other game. It is the first military shooter to use precise
and massive destruction to change the very nature of multiplayer combat. Combined
with an advanced cover system where players can use cover even while it is being
destroyed around them, Breach enables real-world tactics never possible before
now. Breach offers this destruction and active cover system all in a package that
costs less than US$20.00

To learn more about the game, head on over to the official website. Look for our review by February 1st.

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