[List] The Five Most Unnecessary Candy Concoctions Of All Time

Here’s an intro(duction) of a list of what Casual Clay Cunningham believes to be “The Five Most Unnecessary Candy Concoctions of All Time from DIHTS:

Everyone likes candy, as it often proves to be a valuable asset when trying to harness the energy to get your fat ass from one meal to the next. But of course, not all of our convenience/grocery store options are of high quality, and choosing a bad snack can be outright depressing.

But sometimes when dealing with candy, sight can prove to be as strong a depressant as taste. There’s always at least that one brand you see that just baffles you. Candies you can’t comprehend anyone with an ounce of free will choosing to buy. Candies whose boxes are always filled to the brim, because why even bother adjusting for the expiration date?

This is my “tribute” to what I feel are the five candies most deserving of the scornful comments above. The five I look at and think “life’s too short.”

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