[Energy Drink Review] Crunk!!! (Original)

crunk energy drinkHere’s a portion of a Caffeine Critic review:

A while back I reviewed a product called Crunk Stix. I didn’t like them. I thought there was a decent amount of potential behind them, but energy powders are very similar to energy shots before they were perfected. The idea is awesome: super portable and convenient energy in a similar form factor to Pixi Stix. The problem? Awful aftertaste and bitterness plague what would otherwise be a revolutionary energy product.

Anyway, along with the Stix, Crunk sent me a case full of different flavors of their drink. I’ve been slowly working my way through it, tasting each flavor. I’m about to go through my last can of the original flavor, making this the perfect time to review it. I’ve experienced it several times, so I’ve got a pretty solid grasp of how it performs.

Readers, I ask you this simply because I am an incompetent moron who can’t think of original jokes: Is it time to get “Crunk?”

Be sure to read the full review on CaffeineCritic.com!

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