[Food Review] Sunchips (Monterey Jack and Sundried Tomato)

Here’s a portion of David Roshinski’s review on DoesItHitTheSpot.com

It is a chip made from the sun! Ok, no it isn’t, but Sun Chips have been around for a while, and are know as a healthier alternative to the traditional potato chip.

The company, which is under the portfolio of Frito-Lay Inc. in Texas, has teamed up with the sub giant, Subway, to produce an exclusive flavor for all the shops. This is going along side the Subway Fiery Foot Long promotion and all the chip bags contain a game code for it. I recently purchased these to add to the free sub I earned with my Subway points.

The claims on the package are that the chips have a great multigrain taste. I had to agree, the multigrain gives a nutty flavor that is almost as pleasant as the texture it gives. The next claim is each 1 oz. serving has 18g of whole grains which have been known as part of a healthy diet to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Read the full review on DIHTS.

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