[Drink Review] Sunkist Solar Fusion

Here’s a portion of a Caffeine Critic review:

Energy sodas aren’t exactly the fastest growing phenomenon in the drink industry, but that doesn’t keep the big beverage companies, who deem them as more accessible than regular energy drinks, from trying them out. Coke has Vault, Pepsi has Pepsi Max, and now Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up offer the latest take on the energy soda in the form of Sunkist Solar Fusion.

Solar Fusion is a Tropical Mandarin flavored soda with added caffeine and B vitamins. Sunkist is most well-known for their orange soda, which is absolutely delicious. However, not every Sunkist drink is worth drinking. Their Peach, Grape and Diet Lemonade flavors are all pretty awful, but they’ve also got Cherry Limeade, Pineapple and Strawberry which are pretty solid drink. How does Solar Fusion stack up to the rest of the Sunkist family?

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