[Energy Drink Review] Guru Iced Tea Energy Drink

Here’s a portion of a Caffeine Critic review:

I enjoy tea, and I enjoy the idea of organic products. It’s weird, because I usually don’t enjoy energy teas (Save for the Slap Energy Drink products and a few others) and I generally don’t like organic energy drinks (except Syzmo’s Prickly Pear flavor and maybe some others). So why am I taking a chance on Guru’s Green Tea Honey-Lemon Iced Tea? Because I want to make sure you don’t have to.

It’s one of the biggest cons of running a review site such as this, and I’ve had to put up with several awful drinks. I mean awful drinks. Like, incomparable to anything else awful. But on the bright side, I’ve also discovered several drinks that I wouldn’t have otherwise known existed. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those times. Guru’s Iced Tea ranks as one of the worst drinks I’ve ever encountered.

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