[Food Review] Ore-Ida Zesties!

Here’s a portion of a Does It Hit The Spot review:

If I had to make a list of only three things in the world that I love, it would be something like Nintendo, zombies and french fries. In that exact order. Trivial? If you think so then you are extremely shallow. Nintendo is the company responsible for the greatest video games on the face of this earth. Zombies eat human beings because they are driven by instinct to do so, and it’s entirely ok to blow their brains into oblivion. French fries? I shouldn’t even need to explain myself.

Ore-Ida has been a top player in the competitive world of frozen spud sticks for quite some time now, and one of their more popular inventions are the Zesties. These fries come preseasoned in the bag so that you don’t have to worry about performing tasks as strenuous as pouring Lawry’s salt on your freshly oven-baked side. You’ve already wasted enough energy opening the bag! And that’s not counting the process of preparing whatever brand of frozen, partially cooked, microwavable chicken patty you plan on enjoying them with.

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