[Energy Drink Review] Tango Energy Juice

Here’s a portion of a Caffeine Critic review:

The aroma is a very pleasing blend of different fruity scents all mingling together. I smell apple, tangerine, and maybe some acai, among other things that I cannot pinpoint. The cocktail of fruity perfumes creates a very appealing aroma that smells fantastic and natural, a perfect blend for breakfast. There is nothing overly artificial, and no off putting traits that really stick out. A very well executed aroma.

I hate drinking non-carbonated liquids from cans for some reason. I’m not really sure why, but I’ve never been able to drink anything without bubble from anything but a cup or a bottle. That’s why, before drinking it, I poured tango into a 16.9 oz water bottle. What I saw was pretty scary; the juice was a deep, swampy green color that is in no way appealing. Yuck. Anyway, I pressed on, and drank it with little hesitation.

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