[Drink Review] Bossa Nova: Mangosteen with Passion Fruit

This is the first review in a series that will cover the line of super fruit juices from Bossa Nova. They offer a wide range of drinks, ranging from this Mangosteen and Passion Fruit flavor to Acai and Blueberry (which is, in case you didn’t know, one of the greatest flavor combinations on earth) and many in between.

Now, I’ve never had mangosteen but I am willing to try new things, especially when they are as loaded with antioxidants as this is. I’ve been trying all sorts of antioxidizing juices and overall “healthy” drinks lately for some reason (yes, I drink more than just soda and energy drinks), so I’ve got a pretty good idea of how this stacks up to some other products out there. Let’s see how it does!


Oh. My. God.

This stuff is absolutely delicious. Like, wonderfully, magically, spiritually delicious. It’s pure delight! I’ve never had mangosteen before, for the simple fact that the fruit’s name sounds like a type of fart, but man I’ve been missing out. Even from the moment I removed the plastic cap from the bottle and was struck with that superfluous aroma, reminiscent of peaches and tropical fruits like pineapple, I was floored by what an idiot I had been to ignore mangosteen flavored drinks.

The flavor is beyond refreshing, and is just phenomenal all around. The peachy, floral flavor of the mangosteen and the tangy, tart flavor of the passion fruit blend wonderfully together, meshing and playing off of each other’s strengths to create a truly heavenly taste, complimented by the aromatic floral fragrance.

Bossa Nova really hit a home run with balancing the flavors of the two fruits, and the fact that the drink comes loaded with all sorts of goodies for your body is just a bonus. Mangosteen is naturally rich in xanthones, which are powerful antioxidants that help balance your body and prevent aging. Antioxidants are great for making you feel great, especially when part of a regular diet. And when something tastes as good as this, it’s hard not to drink it on a regular basis.

Final Words:

Bossa Nova’s Mangosteen and Passion Fruit drink is phenomenal. Rich in fragrance, flavor and favorable ingredients to help keep your body as healthy as it can be, this is one drink that I recommend to everyone. The balance between the lush, sweet mangosteen and the tart passion fruit is dead on, and there is very little about this drink to dislike. Some people may be turned off by the slightly thick, smoothy-like texture, but that’s just a minor issue when looking at the big picture.

Score: 9.0/10 (Outstanding)

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  2. Looks good and you made sound so delicious, I want to try it. Where can I buy Bossa Nova’s Mangosteen and Passion Fruit drink ?

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