[Food Review] Raybern’s Deli Style Philly CheeseSteak

Over the winter time my pops and I went to Sam’s Club to stock up on freezer foods for whole sale prices. We try to keep a variety of grub in the icebox and try to keep an open selection so that nothing ever gets old. We stumbled upon these Philly Steak and Cheese sandwiches in the freezer foods section, specifically called “Raybern’s New York Deli Style Philly CheeseSteak.” Later into the night after coming home and hunger struck me, I decided to heat up one of these bad boys to see what they were like.

What’s really neat is that they’re wrapped up in paper, just like if you were buying it from a street vendor somewhere. You don’t have to unwrap it or anything, you just throw it in the microwave, heat it up for anywhere from 60 seconds to 75 seconds (depending on the wattage of your microwave) and you have a perfect-looking sandwich, melted cheese with the warm sliced steak, and the warm bread. When you bite into it, you have the authentic Philly Cheese Steak taste, and the nice thing about it is, you can make them whenever you want — because they’re in your freezer.

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