[Restaurant Review] Schoop’s Hamburgers

I recently took a trip up to Michigan City with my lovely girlfriend Kimberlee Boland, and the first thing we did when we got to our crummy, disgusting, poorly lit, stiff-bedded, crappy showered, slightly stinky but extremely-cheap-so-it’s-to-be-expected hotel was worry about lunch. Right down the street from our Inn was a place called Schoop’s, and a burger sounded really, really good.

Upon walking into the diner-style building, we were struck with a vintage atmosphere. Posters and pictures of Shirley Temple and Elvis Presley, among other old time celebrities and culture icons, were plastered along the walls, antique car memorabilia was all over the place, and plenty of bubbly teenage waitresses were on hand. The red color scheme and old time rock and roll completed the illusion, bringing everything together into a charming little package.

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