[Energy Drink Review] Vital Energy (Tangerine)

One of the biggest problems with energy drinks is the fact that they dehydrate your body. Why do energy drink cause dehydration? Because caffeine is a minor diuretic, and tells your brain to move liquid from your kidneys to your urine stream, which also explains why you always have to pee so bad after downing a can of your favorite energy drink. Most people who use these drinks want energy for sporadic activities such as biking, jogging, and sports. Combine the systematic removal of liquid from your body through urine with sweating from strenuous activities, and it is easy to see why you become dehydrated from energy drinks.

Some drinks like Brawndo and a few others cancel this effect by adding electrolytes to help your body replenish what it loses, but the help isn’t as effective as what you’re going to find in Vital Energy. The front of the bottle says it all, it is composed primarily of water to keep you hydrated, caffeine for the burst of energy, and B vitamins, for similar reasons to caffeine.

But as an energy water, is it really effective enough to give that kick that energy addicts such as myself crave?

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