[Drink Review] Sidral Mundet Apple Soda

This is the first experience I’ve ever had with an authentic Mexican soda. In fact, the only foreign soft drinks I’ve ever had are those Asian beverages with the glass ball in the plastic cap (If you know what I’m talking about, congratulations on being awesome). Anyway, when someone representing Sidral Mundet, an authentic apple-flavored Mexican soft drink, told me the company needed American feedback on the product because the company is wanting to expand their demographic into the States, I was pleased to be of service.

I just recently got my bottles of Sidral Mundet, alongside a nifty little reusable shopping bag that was thrown in (thanks guys!). The sent two flavors, a cider-colored one and a light green one. Since the darker amber cider-like liquid didn’t come labeled with a subtitle, I figured it would be best to start with it, and I’ll get around to the Manzana Verde one soon after.

Bottoms up.


After prying the aluminum top off of the glass bottle with a bottle opener, I was able to capture a whiff of the soda to get an idea for what it may taste like. The amber colored liquid gives off an aroma that is certainly unique, and delicious to boot. It’s very sweet, entirely natural, and simply tantalizing. It is like a crisp mix between apple juice and apple cider. Very appealing.

Pouring some in my mouth, I find a strange texture and weird flavor of which I haven’t experienced before in a soft drink. After swallowing my mouth was left with a slight memory of the soft, frothy texture of the soda. It took a second to process everything that was going on, between the comfortable texture and sweet flavor, but a few more swallows and I’ve grown comfortable with the unique beverage.

The flavor is very sweet, yet is also very refreshing. The apple flavor is delicious, and almost everything about the drink just really satisfies and is appealing. However, it is a tad too sweet for my taste buds, and seems like it could occasionally be overwhelming at times. As delicious as it is, I don’t think I would drink it all the time, instead I would probably have a bottle every so often when I’m in the mood.

It is also worth noting that I let a few different people try it so the company could get a feel for reactions outside of my own. One female in her mid-twenties didn’t like it at all, whereas my girlfriend, who is 19, found it to be quite tasty albeit a bit too sweet, and my 11-year-old brother loved it.

Final Words:

Sidral Mundet Apple Soda is delicious. It is full in flavor, soft in texture, naturally sweetened and colored, and hits the spot in a refreshing manner. However, the soft, frothy texture may be uncomfortable to many Americans who find it strange, and the drink is a bit on the sweet side according to my girlfriend and myself.

Still, if the company can manage to lose the Mexican packaging, maybe use a plastic bottle with an American-friendly design as opposed to the current standard design, and market it as something new and unique to the American audience, Sidral Mundet has potential to be a decent hit in the United States.

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Score: 8.75/10 (Great)

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