DEWmocracy 2010 Results Announced

As chronicled here on this site, as well as several others, Mountain Dew conducted DEWmocracy2010, where patrons got to partake in the consumption of three new flavors entitled, Distortion, Typhoon and Whiteout, then take to the internet to vote for their favorite. The flavor receiving the most votes would become a permanent fixture in the Mountain Dew lineup.

Voting concluded today (June 15). And the winner is…


The “smooth citrus Dew,” was victorious, taking in 44% of the vote. Typhoon came in second with 40% while Distortion came in a distant third with just 16%.

It is my understanding that Whiteout will now be readily available at convenient and grocery stores around the country, while Distortion and Typhoon will fade into oblivion.

I’m must confess I’m a bit disappointed in the results. I personally feel like there’s already such a plethora of mouthwash products on the market that it’s pointless to put that taste into a soft drink, but what do I know?

To see full results, click here. It’s essentially contains the same information provided above, only with a map and other assorted photographs.

10 thoughts on “DEWmocracy 2010 Results Announced

  1. I actually don’t hate the Whiteout. I’m really just happy that distortion didn’t win.
    I’m still wondering what contest “Mountain Dew Baja Blast” won to be exclusive to Taco Bell. I swear they just add food coloring to their toilet bowl water.

  2. I ranked them typhoon, whiteout, and then the other nasty crap.

    All 3 were too sweet IMHO.

  3. Personally, I think that Distortion was bland, and Typhoon was just disgusting. I actually really enjoyed Whiteout.

  4. I think that distortion was alright just extra lime in the dew, and white out was squirt with a new label. Typhoon was truly the greatest of all flavors and should have won!

  5. YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved whiteout and now I can buy it for thr rest of my life. YAYAYAYAYA

  6. I think Typhoon was just Supernova replayed from the last Dewmocracy contest. I liked Whiteout, but I’m surprised Distortion got so much hate.

  7. personally this is how i rank em
    and this is why white out was something new like a squirt and dew mix it was actly good distortion was just regular dew with a bit of lime still something new and then thair was that nasty ass typhoon that everyone wnated to win so bad it was nothing new it was just the runner up form last yr supernova with a little punch added instead of raspberry punch and it was nasty!!!!! dew and punch do not mix i dont care what anyone thinks and to answer the question about baja blast its taco bells own original recipie i worked thair 4 awhile they take dew and mix it with a berry flavor and that how its done plain and simple

  8. personally, i hated distortion, typhoon was good, but really cliche’, and witeout, i thought was moving in a new direction, congrats, whiteout

  9. whiteout is the worst so my rankings are 1-distortion 2-typhoon 3-nasty hindend whiteout

  10. Distortion blows! It tastes like hot garbage! Just stick with the original Dew!!!!!!!!!!!!

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